William Elliot Whitmore – Animals In The Dark


This has been a really nice weekend. Friday night was nice and chilled, spent most of Saturday afternoon at Joseph Pearces bar with friends, then went onto Trampoline where The Stormy Seas, White Heath and Randan Discotheque all played storming sets. After that we went to the Blue Blazer for some more drinks before heading home. On Sunday we celebrated my 30th birthday by going back home to Dundee to visit my mum and dad. My brother and his girlfriend were also there so it was a really nice family day. I got some amazing presents too and my mum and dad had prepared a little book of memories from my 30 years on this planet which was really lovely…and quite funny too.

Anyways, part of a birthday is always receiving a lot of new music so I have a fair few albums to write about in the next few days or so. However, I’m going to start with one I bought myself just before my birthday. We’re sitting listening to it now as I write actually, and it’s just the perfect soundtrack to this lazy holiday Monday that we’re having. The wee man is asleep, the wife is reading about the wee man and I am writing about this excellent album. It’s hard to explain how wonderful a voice this man has. It’s like a combination of Tom Waits, Chuck E Weiss and Ray Lamontagne all rolled into one. If you take a look at a picture of him you will certainly be surprised. I was. Anyways, this album is steeped in the deep south, almost bordering on gospel at times but definitely driven by the blues. It’s wonderful. In terms of instrumentation, well there’s not a huge amount going on, this man is all about the voice and the soul. Banjo and guitar driven numbers are drenched with his gorgeous vocal. I cannot recommend enough that you check out this artist It’s undeniably perfect music for a wet and lazy Monday or indeed any lazy day of the week. Please check him out.

TSP Grade = B-


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