Randan Discotheque, White Heath and The Stormy Seas @ Trampoline, Saturday 16th May

This was fun. A really excellent night of music if you ask me. But then I should say that shouldn’t I! 2 of these artists were new to the Trampoline stage and 1 are a favourite from last year so it was set up to be enjoyable.

The Stormy Seas play pretty agressive traditional Scottish folk music. And they play it really well. There was something about them that reminded me of Foxface for some reason. I’m not sure that they sound entirely like Foxface, but the delivery of the vocal, the agression and passion of the songs remind me of the lead singer of Foxface. Or maybe it was just Michael Tovey’s excellent beard!? Who knows. Still, a thoroughly rousing and enjoyable start to the night. And the interplay of the vocals – I’ve just been raving about My Latest Novel and how they do it – well the 2 vocals are an essential ingredient to this bands set up. Definitely ones to watch this year.

White Heath were next up and, as per last year, they deliver a set of powerful tunes. If I have one criticism of them it would be that there songs sometimes last that little bit too long, just when I think they’re about to end perfectly the start up again. Perhaps thats just me though and I am probably nit picking slightly as there is no doubt that they are one of the hottest young bands in Edinburgh at the moment. Swirling violin, distorted guitars, sublime piano lines and THAT trombone. Somehow, with only a floor tom, they sound as massive as any band I’ve seen and are definitely a bunch I’ll be having back along as the deserve to be heard.

And so to Randan Discotheque. I saw Craig and his band recently play the Leith Tape Club at the Iso Bar. On that occassion they were stripped right back and the songs came across as being steeped in traditional Scottish folk. However, tonight the electric guitar and effect pedals are out and the tunes have more edge and drive to them. There are still those sublime moments of Scottishness throughout but the mix of tunes and style on show tonight adds something to the set. Colvin doing the lights and dry ice for him adds something else to the performance – now he’s set a precedent though I’ll be making him do the same for everyone! This was a really enjoyable set though and I will hopefully be at Alasdair Roberts on Friday night to catch him do it all again.

So all in all, a very good night of music. Next up in June we have Meursault, Wounded Knee and The Foundling Wheel, which should be excellent. Hope to see you there.


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