Jason Lytle – Yours Truly, The Comuter


I read somebody describe this as a stinker the other day. I can’t actually believe that the person in question has bothered to listen to this album if that’s their genuine opinion. As somebody who considers themselves a grandaddy fan I would suggest that whilst the album in no way breaks new ground, it’s a very enjoyable piece of music. I fail to see how you could enjoy Sumday and not enjoy this album. I’m not arguing that this is anywhere near as good as some of Jason Lytle’s previous work, but I cannot quite get my head around anyone who likes grandaddy calling this stinking. I tend to agree with Matthew at www.songbytoad.com who would have preferred to hear the album Lytle wanted to make as opposed to the album he thought others would want to hear. Some of their best moments have been when the weirdness has crept into their songs. I assume there was pressure from above to make the album more accessible too. I just think the little electronic noodles that made me fall in love with grandaddy have got less and less as the albums have gone on, and releasing a solo album was the perfect opportunity to avoid playing safe. However, play safe he has and to be perfectly honest, this is a perfectly lovely album which would not be considered as anything else had it not been produced by such a cult indie hero as Lytle. I for one am really enjoying listening to it and you should check it out too.


TSP Grade = C+/B-


Jay Bennet 1963 – 2009


This is truly tragic. According to BBC News no official cause of death has been confirmed, though it has been said that he “died in his sleep”. He was 45 years old. As everyone knows, I am a massive Wilco fan and though I do believe that the band has gone on to better things since the departure of Bennett, I do believe that his contribution to the history of the band is significant and important. He played a massive role, from what I can gather, in shaping the direction of both Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and was a fantastic musician and song writer himself. The mess that has followed in terms of him suing Jeff Tweedy and the fall out from their break up is extremely sad but not nearly as sad as this. We lose yet another fantastic musician who had so much to offer. RIP.