Trespassers William – The Natural Order Of Things


Well this has been in my cd collection for a while now but I kept forgetting to burn it to my ipod so hadn’t properly sat and listened to it until today. I’ve listened to it on repeat this morning though as it’s simply gorgeous. I am even more excited about these guys coming to play Trampoline in Ocotber now. ‘Sparrow’ is an odd and sparse intro which develops into a lovely tune and the rest of this EP follows suit mixing really interesting sparse sound scapes with the warm and gorgeous vocal of Anna-Lynne Williams. I was so chuffed when Rich from Gizeh asked me to put these guys on in Edinburgh and even more chuffed when Phil aka Debutant asked The Kays to support them in Aberdeen the following evening. I know these 2 shows will be highlights of this musical year for me and you can buy tickets for both the Edinburgh and Aberdeen shows here Simply put, this is a beautiful dreamy EP which follows on beautifully from last album ‘Having’ without ever repeating the sound of the previous work. The one constant is the vocal which drenches each tune with heartaching beauty. Make sure you check these guys out here and make an effort to get out to see them on their UK tour in October. I for one cannot wait.

TSP Grade = B


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