Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson


So here’s another early contender to make my top ten list at the end of the year. And it’s purely by chance that I stumbled across this record. Faced with a £20 HMV voucher and no idea what to buy I was casually browsing the records when this album jumped out at me. As is often the case it was the art work that first caught the eye. a skeleton in a dress with an umbrella and a fan. Jake and I have discussed the appeal of album art many times and the art I tend to be drawn to is the subtle stuff that catches your eye but makes you go in for a closer look to understand it. Subtle, understated and simplistic. And this album’s art falls into this category. The next thing that made me take the gamble was the fact that the album features Daniel Rossen from Grizzly Bear. However, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is a solo artist and this album is simply great. Sounding like the bastard love child of Neil Young and The Arcade Fire this album is rough and edgy but filled with wonderful tunes. It grabbed me from the get go and held me right through until the end. I was reading the new biography on Tom Waits during my first listen and the music distracted me, a sure sign that an album is good. If anyone can drag me away from Waits then they are worth a second listen. And so after numerous listens, I do proclaim that this album is as good as any in 2009 so far. You can check out Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson on myspace. Enjoy.

TSP Grade = A-


4 thoughts on “Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

  1. well if discovered you mean i stumbled upon it for myself then i guess yes. but i may have read about it before and i just don’t remember. either way, i don’t care, it’s good.

    “insert smiley face here.”

  2. MBAR’s debut album is a great one. Out of curiosity, do you know where the picture on the album comes from? I recently saw it on the cover of a book, and want to find out where it originated. I’m assuming it’s not a recent original.


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