Withered Hand – You’re Not Alone EP


Well, whilst everyone else gets all excited by the drama of the Broken Records album I’m getting excited by a totally different Edinburgh artist’s latest EP. ‘You’re Not Alone EP’ is Withered Hand’s follow up to the phenomonal ‘Religious Songs EP’ and is a taster of what is to come later this year when he releases his first album proper. I have not actually bought this record as yet but have spent the morning listening to it on SL Records website and I am loving every single second of it. This is an artist worth getting excited about, trust me. This is an EP worth it’s weight in gold. I first heard ‘No cigarettes’ as a demo on myspace when it was entitled ‘The Golden Age’ and I fell in love with it. I actually think it’s the best song Withered Hand has released to date. It’s simpy magnificent. The lyrics are wonderful, the song is Elliott Smith esque as it floats a long and the wonderful instrumentation provided by King Creosote – who incidentally recorded and produced the EP – is just perfect foder for the song. This is lo-fi music at its very, very best. ‘Oldsmobile Car’ is an interesting one for me as I actually heard Meursault’s cover version before I heard this original. It’s different in tone, texture and approach but the song is so good. Its odd to be hearing the original after the cover version and I haven’t decided which I like more – but I have decided that either way it’s a brilliant piece of song writing. ‘Big Ten Four’ is a tribute to the late Paul Carter, an Edinburgh artist whose art is displayed on the cover of the EP. It’s a tragically beautiful and sad song. And the final number on the EP ‘R U Corageous’ is a cover (I forget who by) but is beautifully arranged and produced. Sparse but with a lovely dreamyness to it. This is a fantastic follow up to Religious Songs and leaves a real sense of excitement about the album which is due out later this year. You can hear the EP here. Make sure you do.

TSP Grade = B+

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