Eaten By Monsters – Scaring The Pets EP


Well this is an interesting one. It’s always difficult when somebody who reads your blog, and I guess you class as a distant friend, sends you their new ep to review. There is a lovely review of this here. Anyway, I was originally going to review this for songbytoad but decided that i didn’t have time and that I’d save it for this blog. After all, this is my blog and I want to save some of the good stuff for myself!

Anyways, I have to be honest, this is not like anything I’m used to. It’s a totally new experience for me. The vocal style is particularly odd. But this is not a criticim. In fact I am drawn in by the lovely vocal lines on this EP. It’s something quite fabulous in fact and adds something special to the music. ‘Bedroom Nerves’ is class. It’s an ear grabbing start to an interesting EP, which continues in the same vein with ‘Our Little Secret’. It’s difficult for me to find a reference a point with this band. I’m not used to this style of music. It feels fresh to my ears in a really positive way and this EP is certainly hitting the right spots and I guess ultimately the main thing is appreciating whats going on. I may not be able to compare this in any way, but for me that is the best thing about the EP – for me Eaten By Monsters are doing their own thing and doing it really well. I would recommend that you check this record out and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

TSP Grade = B-


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