Post To Cheer Me Up


So the Kays album is getting me down big time. Things seem to have ground to a halt and I don’t know why. I am sort of limbo at the moment and feeling a bit blue about it all. I think I’ve started to have panic attacks as well which is a bit annoying. So I’m not sure what to say about the Kays album at the moment other than I promise it will be done at some point and released as promised on Wiseblood. Thank goodness Adam is a patient, understanding man. And thanks to my friend Shonagh who is coming on board to help me get the packaging sorted. I wanted that to be kind of special too and it was getting me down until she stepped in with her textiles degree! She is a star. At least everything else is in order, even if the music is not.

Anyways, on a brighter note I have started on a new Kays project with a friend of mine. You will have heard me rabbit on about We Sink Ships in the past and my friend Heidi. Well, a while back I approached her about doing a project together and we came up with the idea that she would take pictures (3 or 4 sets to be precise) and I would write music interpreting those pictures. It’s a bit of a twist on the old pics interpreting music. Anyways, I got the first 2 sets of pics from her the other day and they are stunning. It’s been great so far. I wasn’t sure how to approach the project musically but the pictures have been so emotive that I’ve been able to focus on the way the pictures make me feel as a focus of the music. The words won’t necessarily relate to the pics though I am trying also to use some imagery from the pics in the lyrics. These tunes will be put together and packaged with all of Heidi’s photos and released as an EP sometime after the album is done….though it may be before at this rate! Anyways, it’s really challenging and really exciting. In addition, I have a new loop pedal I am trying to get to grips with as well! It’s a tricky little thing with a piano, but I’ll get there.

Outside of the Kays, plans to release a “best of Trampoline” cd on Mini50 are well under way. 20 artists will be involved in this project and they are, in no particular order:

EAGLE….owl (sorry bart, couldn’t resist)

seriously now:

eagleowl, rob st john, y’all is fantasy island, glissando, the kays lavelle, meursault, the japanese war effort, little pebble, white heath, team turnip, tucker and the scattered family, the stormy seas, woodenbox with a fistful of fivers, small town boredom, debutant, esperi, jonnie common, inspector tapehead, cancel the astronauts and randan discotheque.

So yeah, we have 20 artists, kindly contributing a tune never released before, or potentially ever, other than on this record. It should be great and will be available at all Trampoline shows as soon as it’s ready!

Other than that, I have a busy Woodenbox schedule on the horizon which is cool and have lots of new music to look forward to writing about in the near future. My stint over at songbytoad has really put me in the mood to improve this site. You will have noticed pictures now along with the posts and I am trying to sort some issues out so that I can post music too. Hopefully that will happen soon.

And yes, this has worked. I feel a bit brighter already.