Trespassers William @ Trampoline – 2nd October 2009.


So apologies to everyone who is on my mailing list and has been spammed to death about this, but this is a really massive show for Trampoline so I really am trying to push this as much as possble. Trespassers William are no strangers to see these pages as I have blogged about them on a number of occasions in the past so I won’t go into too much detail about them other than toencourage everyone to check them out here. Their lastest EP ‘The Natural Order Of Things’ is out now on Gizeh Records and is a sublime piece of sad, atmospheric story telling, which everyone really should have a copy of. Anyways, I’ve been very lucky to have been able to secure them to play Trampoline as part of their UK and European tour in October this year. I’m chuffed to bits that such an established act will play Trampoline and also Edinburgh and I would encourage people not to miss this as I have no doubt that it will be an amazing show. I am further confident in this fact by the fact that support for the show comes from the wonderful GLISSANDO and Edinburgh’s very own finest eagleowl. It’s going to be a brilliant night and one I am so looking forward to. However, with the bigger act comes the bigger financial pressure on a small DIY promoter. I really need to sell tickets and you can buy them here and help me out. It would mean everything to me to see the Wee Red sold out and to show people coming from the USA that Edinburgh is a great place to play. Cause it is. But lets give Trespassers William a night to remember in our fair city. Please.

So yeah, buy your tickets in advance because, 1 it’s cheaper and 2 it helps destress me! Thanks.


The Jackson 2


So, I really love these guys. I wrote about them recently over on and really recommend that you check out their EP ‘I Am The President Of Your Fanclub (And Last Night I Followed You Home)’. However, you need to go to their website now and check out the brilliant little video of Matty and John from the Curators performing Micahel Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’. It’s nothing short of brilliant. Enjoy!