worriedaboutsatan – arrivals


worriedaboutsatan are another of those artists that I was put onto by Rich from Gizeh Records, mainly because they are on his label but ultimately because he was asking me about putting them on at Trampoline and knew that they’d be right up my street. This is definitely something I would be keen to do but I believe the timings were bad so I missed my opportunity on this occasion. But he was right on one count, they are right up my street.

Anyways, when I was at University studying for exams, or working on essays I would religiously listen to music as I worked – to the frustration of my mother who obviously felt the only thing I was absorbing were the tunes. My weapon of choice was mainly Mogwai or something of a similar nature where the words could not cloud my thoughts and distract me from the studying in hand. It worked a treat and to this day I stand by my claim that not only did the music help me concentrate but it shut out everything else that was going on and gave me a focus and almost hyponitised me into studying. Well today, I was working on a few big reports for work and preparing a presentation for tomorrow morning as well. As such I thought about firing on Mogwai, Explosions or something but then remembered about this little electronic masterpiece. And if I’m honest it was absolutely perfect for what I was doing. But ultimately, this is a record that should be listened to when the sun is setting, the night sky is darkening, the beers are on the table and plans for the evening ahead are being made. It’s sinister, it’s slightly creepy and eerie and perhaps a little unsettling as well. More than anything though there is something amazingly hypnotic about these tunes. The undercurrent of each tune seems to pulse along and just keep the listener attached and connected if you like. I absolutely love the feeling of listening to this music. It’s so intense yet so understated and delicate at times. I guess that’s kind of the point of electronic music. That you should get lost in the beat and the feeling. That it should take over your brain almost and drive you forward with whatever you are doing, be it drinking, dancing or writing a long report for your work. And this album does that. It’s by no means an explosive noise album. It’s far more subtle. But it has the same impact and desperation to it. And I for one love it and cannot get enough of it. worriedaboutsatan got me through my day. They might even have that responsibility again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. It’s just that good.

I just got home from work and I’m still moving to the beat of worriedaboutsatan. I feel energised and alive. Good work guys.

Listen to them here. Or alternatively buy arrivals here.