T In The Park Here I Come

fans 2 t in the park 2008[1]
So this Sunday I will make my debut trip to both T in the Park and indeed to a music festival of any kind. I wouldn’t normally even have considered this, especially given that the line up is not particularly good this year, but it’s a free ticket and I am not really one to turn down free music. Plus, there are some plus points on the Sunday, Mogwai, Elbow, Doves, the Twilight Sad to name a few. But for the most part, it looks like a pretty crappy line up this year. Still, I am intrigued. The festival has developed a pretty bad reputation amongst most people I know. Some people still defend the actual experience, but for the most part people say that it’s a festival dominated by neds, which tends to ruin the experience. For me, a quiet lad who really likes to stand at the back of the room and just absorb the music and not have beer (or piss) thrown all over me, this appeals not one jot. However in a way I am keen to be part of the madness and take it all in. Now, I know it will seem odd that I’ve never been to a festival before, but if I’m honest, I like music in short doses. I want to absorb the music and let it filter through me and so I always figured that a festival would be an overload of music which I couldn’t proces and enjoy the way I can enjoy an individual gig. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. But I doubt it. Still, if nothing else, I suppose at least I’ll get to drink tennant’s lager.


Tiny Vipers – Life On Earth


Tiny Vipers is Jesy Fortino a Seattle resident who I was lucky enough to catch support Damien Jurado last year at Stereo in Glasgow. That set comprised of a what appeared to be one or two long long long songs and was just spell binding. This is apparently her style live, she interweaves her songs together with little insturmental segments so the listener never really knows where one song ends and another begins. It was so wonderful live and it’s something that she appears to have carried over onto her records also. Signed to Sub Pop this record is not her first, but it is the first in my collection and on the sounds of this it won’t be my last. But then I was always going to love this given how taken I was with her live songs. My only problem is that as I listen to this record the sun is out and the day is still alive. This record needs darkness. It needs candles. It needs red wine. It needs a bed. It needs complete and utter silence. It needs a moon. A full one. This is simply beautiful. Please, please, please check her out. Even before I talk about this music – do it now……………

………………….and so? Exactly. She’s stunningly good. It’s hard to really describe her music if I’m honest. Her style is very much her own. Minimal and lingering. This album drifts by so quickly and keeps you captivated from start to finish. No small task given the minimalist nature of the work. But this woman is a master with the guitar. I remember when we saw her last year, Bart – Edinburgh’s very own guitar jedi master – was absolutely captivated by her playing. Now I’m no guitarist but even I could see that she was something special. And this album is special. It takes you on a wonderful journey through the dark and often haunting world of Jesy Fortino but it’s a journey I highly recommend that you take, and take soon.

To make things even better, as I wrote this post, Bart messaged me to tell me she is playing Stereo on the 8th September this year. Her music also features on the new Burn To Shine DVD which focuses on the music of Seattle. Check that out too here.

TSP Grade = B

Trampoline Festival Line Up Revealed

TrampolineAugust09 (2)

So here it is. It seems to be a day of announcements so I may as well get in on the act and announce Trampoline’s Edinburgh Festival Shows. Well, when I say Edinburgh Festival Shows, I mean that the shows are in August and will be on during the Festival but they have nothing officially to do with the Festival itself. These will not be promoted in the various magazines/brochures being handed out about Edinburgh during the month of August nor be supported financially be anyone other than yours truly. You won’t find posters for it on any of the designated poster boards throughout the city either. No no, this is purely DIY as always. However, it is great that we’ve been able to get to do these shows because last year the Wee Red was block booked for the whole festival and available venues tend to be few and far between during August. This year we’ll have to compete with the Edge Festival, but I think the line ups we have going on are pretty sweet. I’m certainly looking forward to all the shows and hopefully we’ll get people through the door despite all the many many shows that we will be competing against. So anyways, make a note of the dates, and do come along.