Well I must admit that I know very, very little about the Portugese music scene. Our drummer Chris – who if you don’t already know has a great solo project called Esperi – does however appear to know a bit about what’s going on over there. Either that, or he stumbled across this little gem by accident. I don’t know which to be honest. Perhaps Chris will post on this and shed light on the situation. Either way it’s a great find if you ask me becuase Noiserv is exactly the kind of perfect folk music that would be welcomed with open arms in Edinburgh at the moment. It appears to be the solo workings of one David Santos who mixes guitar, melodica, omnichord, accoridan and whole range of other instruments to create something quite simply, beautiful. I don’t have an album review at the moment, though his debut album ‘One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness’ is out now and will be definitely be getting purchased on the basis of what I’m hearing. I also know that he will be coming over to our shores to do some shows with Esperi later this year, so be sure that you don’t miss out on that. It’s certainly the type of music that I can imagine appealing to a wide audience in these parts. Enjoy.


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