Glasgow Podcart

Music is all about sharing for me. If you are a musician you write songs for yourself, first and foremost, but ultimately you end up sharing these songs with others. If you are a music fan you tend to tell your mates all about the great bands you’ve heard and love. And if you are a blogger, you get to bring great music to the attention of the world wide web.

Now listen, I’ve never been a fan of music mags for the very reason that rather than just share music that they fucking love, they write about stuff they hate too. I understand why they have to do this, but personally I just couldn’t imagine listening to something I didn’t like right through, let alone then have to write about it. Shite music is turned off after about 2 songs in my world! I guess for me, what makes a blog so special is that you have a choice. You can and should write about stuff you really love and post links or mp3s or whatever you want to let people hear what you’re talking about. Why write about the stuff you don’t like? That’s what critics do. Music for me is all about enjoyment and I wouldn’t waste my words or thoughts writing about things that I do not like. I want to share the stuff that makes me go ‘fuck yeah’, ‘you dancer’ or gives me goose bumps. If others don’t get it, then that’s ok but I’d rather not write about stuff that doesn’t make me tick.

I guess I started the blog because I just love writing. However, the more music I listen to the bigger the urge has become to shout about the really great stuff. More than that though, I’ve discovered that I really want to push forward artists that I personally think are deserving of wider media attention. That is so important to me. And it also appears to be the focus of the guys who run the wonderful Glasgow podcart. Halina, Sean and Ally have now produced 22 episodes of their weekly round up of new music and banter. I’ve been listening since about week 17 and I would say that what they are doing is really, really special – highlighted by the fact that their show has just been snapped up by Radio Magnetic! Each show lasts about an hour and interspersed within the amusing Glasgow banter is music from unsigned artists everywhere, though the focus tends to be on Scottish music. I found There Will Be Fireworks on their show. Beerjacket too. And most recently John B McKenna. I could go on but we’d be here for a while. They are championing great new Scottish music on a weekly basis and there is no amount of praise too great for people who feel the need to do this. More and more people are getting involved at grass roots level in Scottish music and the impact this is having for bands is amazing. No longer do bands really need the bigger radio show airtime. No longer do they really need music mags to get out to wider audiences. No longer do they have to worry about major record deals etc because there are people, like the guys at Glasgow podcart who care and who can help get them out to the wider world. I am very positive about the future of music in Scotland at the moment and the more people willing to get involved and help out like these guys the better. Check out their show here, it’s brilliant. Enjoy.