Mercury Music Prize Nominees

Wow. I had nothing to write about and then Glasvegas got nominated for the Mercury Music Prize! Other contenders include Kasabian, Florence and the Machine, Bat for Lashes, La Roux, The Horrors, Lisa Hannigan, The Invisible, Led Bib, Sweet Billy Pilgrim and Speech Debelle. And with that went my interest in the Mercury Music Prize for 2009. To be fair, I think Bat For Lashes is a good bet and having seen her support Radiohead last year was well impressed with her sound. Other than that I’m not too familiar with the bands that have been nominated (bar Kasabian *boak*). But anyone who nominates Glasvegas for anything won’t be getting any time of day from me. One of the most horrible bands I’ve ever had to listen to, as everyone over at songbytoad knows all too well.

Anyways, I am thinking that perhaps there should be awards for unsigned bands. Maybe I’ll start a Trampoline awards ceremony for the end of the year. Maybe I’ll get a panel of judges (probably a mix of bloggers and journalists) to decide upon the best unsigned Scottish albums of 2009. Wouldn’t that be something? We could put out tables and chairs at the Wee Red. Invite all the media blah blah blah and give the real talent in Scotland the chance to win something at this grass roots level. Maybe I’ll do it and ease the depressing joke that the Mercury Music Prize has become.


10 thoughts on “Mercury Music Prize Nominees

  1. It’s a great idea, but you might have difficulty drawing a line between signed and unsigned.

    Are Meursault a signed band? Probably not in the eyes of 99% of the music industry, but they have a massive advantage over completely unsigned bands simply because we were quite organised about their release and able to put a little money behind it.

    And if you say that Meursault would qualify because they are ‘unsigned’ by a big enough label with advances to offer, then how big does the label have to be before it starts to count?

    Then again if you say that Meursault don’t count, because their release was done through a label, however small, then there really isn’t going to be much left to pick from bar a tiny handful of self-releases.

    So a line would have to be drawn somewhere, but I personally think I would struggle to say where.

  2. yeah, i’m with you. already had the discussion with pamela – though not with meursault as I believe there album was sooooo 2008! 😉 hehe.

    was discussing somebody like Withered Hand for example, who’s album is eagerly anticipated but will receive the help from SL. I think we’d need to possibly open it up to wider spectrum but then i don’t want somebody like frightened rabbit winning just cause people know them. so yeah, needs a lot of thought – but i’m going to discuss it with many folk and see what the vibe is. be great to have an end of year thing and hand out a trampoline award!!

  3. It’s certainly an excellent idea, and I would be well up for getting involved, or supporting it or whatever else was required.

    Certainly up for helping iron out the creases too.

  4. Mate who plays badminton? That’s not some reference I’m misunderstanding is it because I’ve definitely been looking for someone to play badminton with for quite some time.

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