Elbow – Asleep In The Back

Today, I was flicking the channels on the TV and stumbled upon Elbow being interviewed by MTV at the Oxygen festival. The girl doing the interview asked them what they planned to do next. Quite disappointingly they said they’d go away and keep making records but that it would be very difficult for them as they can’t top the previous album because it won all the awards. Lets get one thing straight. That’s bullshit. Elbow have already written better music than The Seldom Seen Kid. Their very first album ‘ Asleep In The Back’ is quite simply a masterpiece and blows The Seldom Seen Kid out of the water, in my honest opinion. If I had a top 10 albums list of all my favourite records Asleep In The Back would, without doubt, be on it. ‘Any Day Now’, ‘Powder Blue’, ‘Newborn’ and ‘Scattered Black and Whites’…..Elbow have never produced a better record. Cast Of Thousands was a great follow up but I have quite frankly never felt that Leaders Of The Freeworld of Seldom Seen Kid have come close to their first 2 records. It still makes me laugh that they won all their awards for what I consider possibly their weakest album to date. Don’t get me wrong. I still love them. I love that album but I guess my point is that to say they cannot better it is ridiculous. I hope they do better it. And I know they will. They are an inspirational band to me. They have influenced my writing from the very beginning. They are still the most interesting and exciting UK band in my opinion and I cannot wait for them to release more music. Tonight I’d like to sit and have a pint with Guy Garvey and tell him that he’s wrong. Elbow will write a better album and if they get anywhere near as good as Asleep In The Back then they’ll be doing everything right in my opinion.