Radiohead Record Song About War Veteran

So the first new studio material by Radiohead was released yesterday for download. The song is a tribute to WW1 veteran Harry Patch who died last week at the age of 111. It appears Thom Yorke had been inspired by an interview he heard on Radio4 with Mr Patch a number of years ago. Ironically, the song was recorded only a few weeks before his death and has been released for download entitled ‘Harry Patch (In Memory Of).’ I have yet to hear the track. But you can download it here with all the proceeds going to the British Legion. The words themselves left me cold. I share Thom Yorkes sentiment that it is easy for our generation to forget the horrors of wars that take place far from our shores. The majority of us have never experienced, and hopefully never will, the atrocities of war. Download this song though both in memory of Harry Patch and to help raise funds for those who have in the past and those who continue to put their lives on the line for others.


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