Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Twice Born Men

The cover of this album had a quote from Uncut magazine. It said the following:

“The best album of it’s kind since Elbow’s all-conquering ‘The Seldom Seen Kid”

Well I’m sorry, that’s a giant heap of nonsense. This is by far and away the best album of it’s kind since Elbow’s Asleep In The Back if you ask me. Well, perhaps since Cast of Thousands, but it’s absolutely stunningly good. I’ve been sitting absolutely mesmerised by the beauty of this record for the past 2 hours now. It’s simply magnificent. It makes me wonder why we bother with upbeat music at all. If downbeat music can be this uplifting and gorgeous, why bother picking up the tempo? I mean this is seriously stunningly good. It opens with a spoken word track as well, which is encouraging as it works so well. I say it’s encouraging because The Kays album will be starting with a spoken word track so to hear one sound so good and open the album beautifully makes me feel positive about what we’re trying to do. However, it also makes me want to keep the album down beat because from track 2 to track 8 this album is so lovely. Album finisher ‘There Will It End’ is just the perfect climax to this wonderful record. My previous post mentioned that Natasha Khan (beautiful!) was a good bet for the Mercury Prize, well, I think this should win hands down. Without any quesitons asked, just give these guys the prize and be done with it. Gorgeous. Check them out here. And buy the record here. Enjoy.

TSP Grade = A


Bat For Lashes – Two Suns

I love Natasha Khan. I think it’s safe to say that if I was not married to a wonderful lady and with a wonderful little boy I’d be delighted to father her children. But alas, I will just have to enjoy her wonderful music instead. And it is indeed a wonderful world that she creates musically. In fact, if we could have a musical relationship and solely a musical relationship I think me and Natasha would be just about perfect for each other. There’s something so dark about this record yet it never loses the lush warmth beauty that resonates throughout. It’s how I want music to sound. It fills me with all the right feelings. All the desire to write but the inability to walk away from listening to her songs. It’s almost like a journey from the darkness to the light as the music dips and weaves and creates a wonderful world where the slightly dark and slightly quiky collide. Lots of guest vocalists and musicians add to the magic of this record with Scott Walker duetting on album closer ‘The Big Sleep’ to wonderous effect. But the stand out track for me is without a doubt album opener ‘Glass’, which highlights the wonders of Khan’s vocal. Having seen her support Radiohead last year I am delighted that she has gone from strength to strength because she seemed like a gem at the time. And, if she ever wants to call me, to discuss music obviously, I will be more than happy to. Simply gorgeous in every way and surely a definite contender for the Mercury Music Prize this year.

TSP Grade = B+ for music A+ for looks.