Time To Stop Bouncing

Well, I guess all good things come to an end right? It’s been well over 2 years now and Trampoline has slowly but surely gained a reputation as being a top night of music on a monthly basis. However, I don’t really feel that I can take it any further. This has been on the cards for a while as I planned to end the nights at the end of last year because of the imminent birth of my son and the lack of interest being shown in the gigs I was putting on, with the exception of a few fine folk. One of those fine folk, Matty from local legends Cancel the Astornauts, persuaded me otherwise and thanks to his efforts the nights continued into 2009 with the first 6 months of shows a roaring success. However, as my time becomes more precious and more scarce I have decided that it is time to bring Trampoline to an end. I’d like to thank all those who have supported me through the 2 years with particular thanks to Colvin and Alex at the Wee Red Bar who have been fantastic and given me nothing but the best support possible. I’d recommend Alex as a sound engineer to anyone out there wanting to record music whether it’s live recordings or for a record or just cause you need a demo or mastering. He’s brilliant and you can check out his work here. I’d also like to thank Matty for his time, effort and patience in 2009. He’s a star and I appreciate all the help he has given me this past year. Claire Hall as well, a massive thanks for her time and support. I have missed her help and enthusiasm. I’d also like to thank Matthew at songbytoad for his constant support and the boys at Under the Radar and more recently The Skinny for promoting the night and general support. And I’d like to thank Pamela for her patience, understanding and support. More than anything, I’d like to thank everyone who came along or played the nights and made them what they were. Without you people I’d have stopped a long time ago. You know who you are. I appreciate every penny spent and every second spared. Cheers.

Though it’s the end, there are 2 cds planned in the near future. A live cd with songs from the festival shows. As well as a ‘best of trampoline’ cd featuring 20 original tracks by some of our favourite performers over the past 2 and a bit years. These should both be available soon through Mini50 records. Keep an eye out.

The last show will be the December show on 12th this year. Once again, thanks to everyone who has shown support and encouragement during Trampoline’s run. It’s been fun.


10 thoughts on “Time To Stop Bouncing

  1. Well I don’t know whether to say congrats or condolences! I know you must be happy/sad to move on and have more time for your family and mini50! xoxo

  2. That’s a real shame to hear, but understandable – i’m selfishly upset that it took me a good few months to get into the Trampoline nights, so i no doubt missed some crackers! My band played our last gig with the original lineup at Trampoline, a pleasure it was too.

    Good luck with the CDs & whatever’s next.


  3. Jonnie – Dinae be silly. I heard you were awesome on Saturday night. I just feel it’s time to move on. I have other commitments now and when I was sitting on Friday night with 8 people through the door I just thought I’d rather be elsewhere. And even on the bad nights before I never felt like that.

    Tart – thanks. It’s a mixture of both. But loads to look forward to with the Kays, Woodenbox and Mini50

    Mikey – thanks man. Appreciate it. And I hope things are still going well for you guys despite the line up change.

  4. Oh sorry. I totally forgot to say that one of the folk who deserve the biggest thanks is Bart Owl. Every single poster that has been produced for Trampoline – bar a wonderful little cameo from Dan Wilson – was produced by Bart. I owe him so much for his time and effort and never moaning at me for the changes I needed made from time to time! Thanks Bart. You’re my hero. And you’re really good on Mock The Week too.

  5. Well, now its my turn to thank you!! Sure I’m saying this on behalf of all the bands you’ve put on, but Trampoline was (is!!) a wonderful night – great music, cheap beer, fantastic venue and a fantasticly enthusiastic organiser who deserved much much more support than he ever got. You’ve done an amazing job Euan and I am so proud of you xx

  6. Mate we owe an awful lot to you and Trampoline, not sure we really had a clue about promotion or decent nights before you put us on. It’s only right to end something when you feel you’ve got everything out of it you can, and the CDs will be a great full stop on the whole thing.

    Speaking of which I really need to send you our track for best of trampoline and the new EP. Sorry for the delay august has gone mental and alex kindly said he might have a look at the song and see if he can make it sound less like a human turd.

    I guess I’ll see everyone in lava ignite on saturdays now then?

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