Kays update

kays lettering

So, I suppose it’s been a while since I did an update on the Kays album. Not sure too many people are that bothered to be honest. Judging by the massive crowd of 1 we had at the Wee Red the other week I’m guessing that the anticipation for our album is not all that high! I’ve always said though that I’m happy just floating below everyone’s radar with little or no expectation and being discovered rather than me forcing us on people. So yeah, we’ve been quietly getting on with things and trying to get this album finished. I guess we’re almost there. There is not that much left to do now. Just little bits here and there. You can see the above list of tunes we’ve recorded. This is not the track order nor is it guaranteed that all these tracks will make it onto the album. However, I thought I’d post it anyways. In other news, Kays t-shirts will shortly be available to order. The designs are being finalised and should all be ready to go shortly. So yeah, I guess it’s nearly, nearly all systems go. So keep an eye out. And thanks to everyone who has shown us their support. You know who you are. You are great.

One thought on “Kays update

  1. Just so you know, I had a dream that you let me hear the Kays album last night, and it was really good.

    I particularly enjoyed the song that you got Golden Ghost to sing, and the one with M.I.A-style gunshot samples.

    Looking forward to hearing the real-life version. It’s got a lot to live up to.

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