10 Things That Have Me Smiling This Week


1.  Today’s Woodenbox gig at the Shipping Forecast Garden Party, the Peartree, Edinburgh.

2. Getting to sit down on wednesday with a beer and listen to all the Kays album tracks to work out what still needs to be done.

3. The upcoming Woodenbox shows in September at Glasgow College of Art, Oran Mor and ABC2, 3 venues I have never had the pleasure of playing.

4.  The new Withered Hand album.

5.  Potential Woodenbox UK tour at the end of October.

6.  My best friends wedding at the end of September.

7.  The new series of the Tudors. Now into the part of Henry VIII’s history of which I know very little.

8.  Flight of the Conchords series 2.

9.  Death of a Ladies Man by Alan Bissett.

10.  Feeling refreshed after a week away in the Scottish Borders with no contact from anyone or anything.  Bliss.