What A Lovely Weekend


Isn’t it great when you have a weekend that is so enjoyable that you actually don’t mind being stuck at your desk on a Monday morning?  I know that sounds a little sadistic, but the truth is, when I enjoy my Friday night, Saturday and Sunday so much I am less upset about having to come back to the real world of work on a Monday.  Top it off with a really good sleep last night and I feel almost spritely today.  That may seem odd, but I feel refreshed and positive after what I consider to be a really great weekend.  I mean, Friday night wasn’t anything special.  The wife was out at a friends house for the evening so I had the pleasure of chilling on my own with a few beers, some music, my book and some tv.  It was a pretty good night and totally relaxed.  I had been struggling with a sore throat during the week and at night it seemed to be worse when lying down, so it took me a while to get to sleep.  When I did eventually dose off Pamela decided to come home – about 3am – and when she failed to find the lock with her key decided to get her screw driver out and unhinge the door, when her eye hand co-ordination failed her once again, she just got her battering ram out until the door was open.  Or that’s how it sounded to me!!  😉 

Anyways, Saturday was a lovely day.  Went up and got my kilt fitted for David’s wedding at the end of the month. Being best man sounds scary.  I really need to write my speech.  Given that I made my speech up on the spot at my own wedding, I don’t think that I should try that this time round.  Something a little more planned is required I feel.  After that, we went for lunch in Stockbridge and then took the wee man for a walk in Inverleith Park.  Headed home, chilled, put the little man to bed and then headed out to see Jesus H Foxx at the Bowery.  I will speak about the gig in another post but lets just say I had mixed feelings about the music on offer.   Anyways, it was really nice to see people I haven’t seen in ages.  Good night, good people. 

Yesterday, well The Kays were practicing for the gig at Electric Circus on tuesday night and then we had an hour on JP’s show on Leith FM.  I think this went really well.  We played ‘the hours’ and chatted and picked the music that was played.  Nice mix of the phantom band, meursault, deus, mammoth (team turnip) and withered hand.  It was really good fun and I’m delighted to say that Glasgow podcart have asked us to do a Live session with them on their Radio Magnetic show, in the not too distant future.  More info on that as soon as I know more myself.  But it’s really exciting to be asked and I am feeling really positive about the Kays.  We sounded great in practice yesterday and I think finally everything I’ve been wanting is coming together.  It feels good.

So yeah, a really lovely weekend and another exciting week ahead.  Got Woodenbox shows at the Glasgow Art College and Oran Mor tonight and Friday, The Kays show at Electric Circus tomorrow night and lots of other nice things too including my mums birthday.   Will let you all know how the gigs go. 

Also – there’s now a mini50 records shop selling Kays and Trampoline stuff.  You can check it out here:  www.cafepress.co.uk/mini50records   Enjoy