Fentek Audio


Today I am really excited and happy.  This week kicked off in a really positive way with the Leith FM appearance on John Paul’s Sunday Service.  Then the Kays gig at Electric Circus went really well.  Well, perhaps not turn out wise, but musically I was so happy with how we sounded and how the songs are developing.  And then a couple of things happened yesterday that made my week.  One of the things is still not 100% confirmed so I won’t shout about it as yet but if it gets confirmed today then I’m going to be buzzing like a buzzy bee for the rest of the day!  The main thing that has happened this week to make me smile is that Alex Fenton, the wonderful sound engineer at the Wee Red Bar and the reason Trampoline is always so good, has given me a cd of 20 tracks by the artists that played Trampoline during the festival.  Let me tell you, Alex is special.  He has always been so good to me both in terms of the Kays and Trampoline and I do not honestly think that I have come across a better sound engineer in all my travels.  How he is not touring or working with more established bands is beyond me.  He runs a business called Fentek Audio.  Not only does he do live sound but he is a brilliant engineer and equally happy recording, mixing and mastering stuff.  The cds he has given me totalling 24 tracks from the Festival shows is absolutely brilliant and I now have the pleasure of sifting through and deciding on what tracks will go out on a trampoline sampler.  On it will be tracks by Adam Stafford, The Kays Lavelle, The Japanese War Effort, Conquering Animal Sound, Jonnie Common, Shenandoah Davis, Lovers Turn To Monsters and Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers.  It’s going to be great when we get it out there for public consumption.  You can hear some of the Kays tracks on our myspace page now.  And yes, I have had my fingers smacked by Alex for putting these up and I understand why, but I am so excited about them and also want top promote him and his work as much as possible as well as the Kays.  He deserves to be recognised for the brilliant engineer he is.  I know he should be touring or working with some major band and hopefully that will come soon.  If you are an artist and you want to record or you need a sound engineer I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  He’s a lovely fella, very chilled out and great to work with .  Please go check out his website and get in touch with him because he will make a great job of whatever it is you want done.