Dear Chicago


When I was young I used to have a sweatshirt which I was a little addicted to.  Even now I tend to find clothes I love and stick with them through thick and thin.  I have a checked shirt that was bought for me when I was at school.  I must have had that for about 15 years now at least.  I wear these things religiously.  Well, this sweatshirt was one of these items when I was younger.  I reckon I’d still be wearing it now if it wasn’t for it being far too small for me!  Anyways, it was a Chicago Bears sweatshirt.  It was grey and it had an American footballer in a Chicago Bears outfit running with a ball.  I wore it all the time.  I loved it.  I did follow US football when I was younger, loved the Channel 4 coverage, but it was the Miami Dolphins and not the Chicago Bears who caught my attention.   I had however, forgotten all about this sweatshirt.

So I recently turned 30.  As part of my 30th present my parents had put together a book of memories from my 30 years on this planet.  In one of the photos, my brother and I are sitting on a beach somewhere near Campbelltown.  He’s wearing his Seattle Seahawks jumper and I am wearing the Chicago Bears top I adored all those years ago.  It brought the memories flooding back.  I even had Chicago Bears pyjamas!  Why on earth did I follow Miami Dolphins???  I have no idea either.  Anyways, I jumped on the internet and started looking for a Chicago Bears sweatshirt for myself.  After ages searching I found this.   I went through the process of ordering it.  I thought it was a good price and I was excited at the thought of once again having a Chicago Bears sweatshirt.  Unfortunately, the cost of shipping it was almost as much as the cost of buying it in the first place, so I pulled the plug on it.  I was and am gutted.  I really want a Chicago Bears sweatshirt now and until shipping costs reduce I fear I am destined to live without one.  Anyways, not sure the point in this ramble other than it came into my head last night at Cabaret Voltaire before we played.

Talking of which, we supported Wild Beasts last night and it was awesome.  Lovely guys.  Excellent band.  We played well, especially given that guitarist Chris couldn’t make it.  Gutted he wasn’t there, but delighted with our set.  We’re getting there and I’m totally stoked about that.  Trespassers William support in Aberdeen to look forward to this Saturday.  Can’t wait to catch up with Rich from Glissando and just have a really good night out in Aberdeen.  I haven’t been this positive about the Kays ever.  Things are moving in the right direction in every way thanks to a number of wonderful people.  It’s nice when nice things happen.