J. Tillman


J Tillman is probably better known to most people as the drummer of Fleet Foxes.  He’s not the original drummer and he’s not the drummer who performs on their stunning debut album, but he is now in place as the drummer of the band.  What he’s probably less well known for is the fact that before he was drumming for Fleet Foxes, he was producing solo albums of some real delicate beauty.  I first caught wind of this Seattleite (?!) a year or so ago with the release of his album ‘Minor Works’.  It’s a sparsely beautiful and delicate album and quickly became one of my favourite records of 2008.  It’s simple in it’s structure and instrumentation but is lifted beyond being simply good by the wonderful tone of Tillman’s vocal.   Becoming a member of Fleet Foxes obviously raised his profile significantly as his next release ‘Vacilando Territory Blues’ at the start of this year received world wide media attention something it’s predecessor had not benefited from.   I didn’t like the reviews.  To be honest, what the press said about the album put me off buying it. It sounded bigger, more produced, over the top and weird.  And so I it was not until this week that I finally took the plunge.  And to be honest, I’m sorry I waited so long because it’s another absolutely gorgeous record.  Full of delicate beauty and gentle refrains this is another spell binding record.  And the best thing about it is that I don’t have to wait long to buy another.  He released ‘A Year In The Kingdom’ just last week.  His 2nd record of 2009.  As always with people with high levels of output I do worry about the standard of the records being put out, but then I simply love the 2 records I own so far so I look forward to getting my hands on his new one asap.   This is definitely one for fans of Damien Jurado,  Fleet Foxes and Bon Ivor.  Gorgeous stuff.  Enjoy.


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