Trespassers William


Sometimes a band come along and take you by surprise.  Even when you know their songs and have a number of their records when you see them live you are stunned by the simple beauty of what they do.  It doesn’t happen often I must admit.  Normally, I will be slightly disappointed by a band when I see them live having fallen in love with them via record.  But Trespassers William came along this past Friday and Saturday night and have left a very big mark on my heart.  The first time I heard them I fell in love with Anna-Lynne Williams voice.  It’s one of those beautiful, dreamy voices which can spell bind and soothe even the darkest moments.  But sitting listening to her live, I had no idea just how amazing that voice really is.  Nor did I realise how much I would fall in love with Trespassers William.  Even songs like “I don’t mind” which on record soars and builds to a crescendo sounded stunning in this stripped back form.  I spent 2 nights absolutely captivated by them.  I was going to write a review about the 2 gigs but as much as I love eagleowl and Glissando, the only band I want to talk about is Trespassers.  They were simply stunning both nights and I wish I was on tour with them so I could sit down on the floor, cross my legs and have a nice cold beer whilst enjoying their wonderful sounds.  If you haven’t ever checked them out then do so now and do so here. Enjoy.