Micah P Hinson – All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers


I was going to review this record but, to be honest, I don’t think I could say anything more about it than is said here.  I love Micah P Hinson, I think his albums are all brilliant and I would buy anything he released but this leaves me feeling a little dead inside.  Cover albums for the most part suck in my opinion and this feels like Micah just sitting at home and playing some songs he likes.  It just does not excite me in the slightest.  If you don’t know Micah P Hinson do check out his previous releases as he is brilliant.  But if like me you don’t really have any love for cover albums then give this a body swerve.  I cannot even grade this as I don’t want to be harsh on such a talented songwriter.  If you do like cover songs, I guess this is a nice collection, but it quite frankly bores me.


4 thoughts on “Micah P Hinson – All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers

  1. all songs are cover versions!

    it annoys me, this type of review, along with the one on Song by, Toad!

    It just strikes me with some form of snobbery….music is music is music.

    You love this guy, but don’t like this album cos it is other people’s songs?

    I love to hear other people do covers, sometimes they are car-crashes, Leona Lewis’s cover of Run and others actually improve on the original, Ryan Adams doing Wonderwall for one.

    i just find it strange you want write this off as you like the guy so much, he obviously, put a lot of thought into it, else i doubt it would have seen the light of day.

    Strange, very strange!

  2. that’s missing the point and you know it. i’m not saying i hate all cover versions. i like lots. withered hand’s 2 for a start. wonderwall by ryan adams another. what i’m saying is that i don’t really like whole albums of the stuff. and that’s not being a snob! i just prefer hearing original stuff that comes from an artist, not something they learned to play one day. and if you listen to this album that’s all this is. there’s little attempt to do anything but play a guitar and sing and anyone who knows and loves micah p hinson knows there’s more to him than this. there are some lovely songs on this record for sure but it’s not going to make me want to turn off the twilight sad’s new record – which an original album of his might.

  3. While I don’t know anything about Micah P Hinson, I’m with the E-man on this one.

    I find cover versions to be an annoying waste of time, largely.

    If I’m paying for a song, I want it to be new. As an example, I was always disappointed when Lightning Seeds and Oasis B-sides were covers- it just seems lazy and a bit self-indulgent.

    I think cover versions are only ever acceptable as charity singles (Walk This Way by Girls Aloud et Sugababes) or live studio videos (see Radiohead’s cover of The Headmaster Ritual). Same with Live albums: rubbish.

  4. See, I don’t find covers per se offensive. I do struggle with whole albums of the things though. I mean, there are plenty of good songs on the Micah P Hinson album and is version of My Way is beautiful. But I just don’t get it. I personally think there must be a pressure on these artists to release something, they have nothing new so they record some covers and fire them out to keep their label happy and the punters who are itching for new anything by them. Frankly it bores me.

    I see your point about live albums, but I do like some because you get to hear the way songs develop and change in the live environment. There are some cracking live albums, not many cracking covers albums though.

    Stop writing about Oasis on this page!!! 😉 Joke. I’m obviously a snob.

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