New Monthly Column Over At


Well I’m delighted to say that on the first Sunday of every month Matthew over at songbytoad has asked me to do a column for his site.  I love his idea of opening his site up to other writers on a Sunday – his day of rest – and am totally chuffed that he has been able to see past the fact that I’m an uneducated, stupid, pompous twat/cunt who is appalling at writing, and allow me to contribute to his lovely blog.  My first instalment was due to be up on the 4th of October but due to a technical glitch didn’t actually go up until yesterday.  You can read both pieces I wrote over at and will be able to read my stuff on a monthly basis over at his site.  Obviously I will be continuing writing on this blog, though after yesterdays vicious attack on my writing I may well get back to writing only about things I love.  My one and only adventure into the world of criticism was not exactly pleasant so I’m thinking it’s probably best if I focus on the music which turns me on and not off in future.


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