Deer Tick – Born On Flag Day


Deer Tick.  What a great name! I watched a show on reptiles last night and even though I love wildlife shows, some of the things I was watching did make my stomach turn a little.  I think the same applies to creepy crawlies.  I’m not afraid of spiders or bothered by daddy long legs in any way, but seeing them close up always does make my stomach turn a little.  So a Deer Tick is not the prettiest little creature in the world I’m sure you will agree and it certainly does not help conjure up images of the most appealing music.  Isn’t it weird how a name can really draw you to a band or put you off.  I mean, a band called the Deers in my head would suggest a kind of folky, lo fi sound yet when you add the word Tick on at the end it changes everything.   I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It certainly wasn’t what I ended up listening to that’s for sure.  So what did I end up listening to I hear you say?

Well, this is a band for anyone who loves The Felice Brothers, The Builders and the Butchers, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, early Wilco, Bob Dylan, The Ba or indeed anything smothered in rocking country blues.  From the word go it sets it’s stall out with a foot stomping track called ‘Easy’ and by the time tracks 3 and 4  ‘Smith  Hill’ and ‘Song About a Man’ kick in, if you’re not drawn in by this band then I’m not sure you ever will be.  ‘Straight Into The Storm’ ups the tempo with some straight up rock n’roll.  A real foot stomper of a track which cannot fail to get you smiling, dancing, singing along and ‘Friday XIII’ keeps the mood upbeat before the album slows towards it’s conclusion.  ‘Hell On Earth’ is a simply lovely piece of music to finish the record with.  It’s over too soon though.  Or perhaps it’s not.  Perhaps that’s the beauty of this record.  It’s short, it’s sweet and it makes you want more.  And the great news is that they are playing Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on 4th December and the Captain’s Rest in Glasgow on 5th December.  If you love your country alt rock I would highly recommend that you clear you diary and make sure you get along to check out these guys live.  Sure, it may not be anything new, it may not be anything ground breaking but it’s a great little album from a band with great potential to go onto bigger and better things.   Check them out here.  Oh and for the record, they seem to call their fans Tickheads.  Which is simply genius.  Enjoy.

TSP Grade = B


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