How Uncool Am I?

Dancing on the Ceiling[1]

It’s a scary fact of life but it’s a dangerous thing to admit a liking for something that might be considered “uncool” amongst your peers in this world.  Not many people are willing to stand up and admit to liking things which their friends would immediately dismiss as garbage, rubbish or embarrassing.  In fact, you might even find yourself ridiculed or isolated simply because you have the balls to say you like something.   I guess it’s even more dangerous to have a blog and admit globally that you like certain things.  But you know what, I am tired of trying to be cool.  Cause at the end of the day I am one of the least cool people in the world., simple as that.

Of late, I note that I have a fond liking of Lily Allen.  Yes, I completely fancy the pants off her, but that’s a different matter all together.   I actually think everything she has released off her new album has been seriously great pop music.   So as well as not kicking her out of bed for farting (sorry Shonagh, what a typically male thing to say!), I now wouldn’t turn her music off if it came on the radio either.  And I am seriously considering buying her latest album.   Honest.   If that is not bad enough, to date, everything I have heard by Paulo Nutini from his new album has also been really good, and I thought his performance at T in the Pak was simply great.  Right, whats next?  Might as well get it all out on the table.  Kasabian.  Having produced a good debut album and being one of the best bands I’ve seen live, Kasabian went on to produce 2 pieces of utter crap in my opinion.  However, I have become mildly addicted to the tunes they’ve released off their new album.   The need to dance when these come on XFM during feeding time for Roddy in the evening is undeniable.  So 3 down, how many more to get off my chest?!  Editors – poor mans Joy Division, Interpol etc. yadda yadda yadda – what a lot of crap, they really fucking rock!  I really like Idlewild too, not just 100 Broken Windows and before but everything they’ve done since as well.   I like a lot of what Calvin Harris has  released.  ‘Come into my house.  You’re invited into my house. Welcoming you into my house……”    And I own the majority of Coldplay and Snow Patrol albums – though it must be said not the more recent offerings as I just don’t like either of them anymore. 

And it’s not just nowadays I’m uncool either.  Being this uncool has taken years of uncool training.  Let me see.  I once had a Bon Jovi poster on my wall and loved albums like New Jersey, Slippery When Wet and even Keep the Faith.  I used to listen to compilation CDs like Hot City Nights, a classic rock cd.   I liked and still like Counting Crows.   I once paid good money to see Hootie and the Blowfish live at the Clyde Auditorium.   One of my favourite old records is ‘New Miserable Experience’ by the Gin Blossoms.   I love Soul Asylum and own pretty much all their records.  Even when they got a little shit.   I loved the Backstreet Boys song ‘I Want It That Way’ – perhaps the best boyband song of all time.   And even before I hit my teens I was being uncool listening to hip hop such as MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.  And before this owning music by the likes of Wet Wet Wet and Bananarama.

But you know what, I don’t care.  I am uncool and I’ve always been uncool and I’m pretty sure I’ll always be uncool.  But one thing wipes clean all those flaws.  All those things that I can be criticised for, laughed at for, mocked for are forgiven simply because the very first record I owned was ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ by Lionel Richie.  How cool is that?!


16 thoughts on “How Uncool Am I?

  1. I think out of girls aloud he likes nadine, then the blonde one, then kimberley and then the ginger. are there any more?!

    as for you. you should be ashamed for leaving the house dressed the way you do! 😉

  2. as i write this, euan is singing along to the bon jovi song “Runaway”. having just sung along to the kooks. no, really.

  3. I’m very cool and always have been! But, ye, Bon jovi was my first ever concert and i also owned Hot City Nights… Strange strange album!

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