Something Magic About Robert Burns

Don’t ask me what got Robert Burns into my head this weekend.  Burns night is not actually until 25th January.  However, I was sitting listening to Kris Drever’s album, a folk album soaked with traditional Scottish music and lyrics and Rabbie Burns inevitably popped into my head.  For those of you not from our shores and perhaps not that familiar with Robert Burns, though I am sure most of you are, he was a Scottish poet and lyricist who live from 1759 until 1796.  He became one of Scotland’s favourtie sons, and something of a national treausre as one of the greatest poets to have lived. 

When I was younger at primary school there was an annual Burns Poem Competition.  Each class from Primary 3 onwards was made ot learn one of Burns poems and then had to recite it.  It was kind of a knock out competition with the best in each class progressing to the final and being judged by the headmaster of the school.  The winner was then awarded a prize at the end of year prize giving and had to recite the poem in front of the whole school and indeed parents as well.  Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, for me I had the honour of winning this prize 3 of the 5 years I entered it.  I feel slightly cheated by the 2 years I didn’t win as I think they gave it to somebody else just so I didn’t keep winning!  Only kidding.  But I did love being part of the competition and learning these wonderful Scottish poems.  So I did a wee search on the internet as I lazed about this afternoon and I found the video below. One of my favourite Burns poems and performed by one of my favourite Scottish artists.  This whole post may seem a little pointless.  I guess I’m just chilled and happy and wanted to share this song with you.  Enjoy.




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