Thomas Western – Quite Early One Morning


This is an EP I think.   And it’s a lovely piece of work.  Michael from the Stormy Seas put me onto this fella as he’s organised for him to play Trampoline in January and I am delighted that he’s agreed to play because this EP is simply gorgeous.  I noticed from his myspace that he seems to just play the Bowery on a permanent basis.  I’m surprised he’s gone under my radar to be honest but delighted that I’ve been pointed in his direction.  There’s something very traditional in the music.  Not really the kind of folk music we’re used to in Edinburgh I don’t think.  No, this is far more traditional sounding and from start to finish is brimming with beautiful melodies and tales.  It’s very tender in and romantic I think.  And very fitting that I’ve been thinking and listening to Rabbie Burns today.  There’s a real story teller at play here and they really are fabulous little tales.  A truly lovely little EP which I’m no doubt going to listen to over and over to in the next few days.  In the meantime, if like me you have only really discovered this fella please head over to his myspace page and go buy this ep off itunes.  Really is worth the fiver or so.  Enjoy.


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