The Foo Fighters – Fifteen Years Old This Year….WHAT?!


Woah.  This has scared me slightly!  I bought the Foo Fighers first single ‘This Is A Call’ and the debut album as well.  I have been listening to the Foo Fighters for 15 years!  That is insane! Not that I have been buying all their records.  I haven’t.  But I do love their first 2 records and many of their tracks since then have been brilliant also.  I also think the Dave Grohl should probably be elected the President of the United States of America for being one of the coolest people on planet earth.  Closely followed by his drummer Taylor or whatever his first name, which is really a second name, is.  Look at the picture people.  You don’t learn that level of coolness.  You are born with it!

But yeah, I’m still coming to terms with the Foo Fighters being 15 years old.  I just turned to Pamela and said “I was 15 when I started listening to the Foo Fighters”.  It’s the equivalent of me being 45 and saying “I was 30 when I started listening to Mumford & Sons”…………yikes!!  That’s a scary thought. 

You see, I’m not somebody who thinks they are old.  I’m 30 sure, but I certainly don’t feel 30 years old.  I still feel young.  And when I look at people on tv, then wiki them to see how old they are, I am always always shocked by how old they are and how young I look.  Some people who are my age or younger look 10 years older than me.  Underneath the beard, I look about 12.  Hence the beard!  I have not been ID’d since the beard was grown.  When I say beard, those of you who know me will know it’s not nearly as good as Dave or Taylor’s beards in the picture above.  Like I’ve said, I’m uncool.  It’s an uncool beard.  I guess ultimately though I got a weird feeling of how old I was tonight when I heard about the Foos celebrating their 15th birthday.    And it’s even scarier to think I was listening to Nirvana years before that. 

Growing old has never really bothered me though.  I like getting older in a way.  I like the thought of being a grumpy old man, sitting in bar playing domino’s and complaining about the youth of the future!  I also like how age changes your perceptions on everything in life.  Music especially.  Think back 15 years, or try!  I was just coming out of my grunge phase.  Bands like Reef and the Foo Fighters would continue my love of rock music and electric guitars but ultimately my tastes were changing and have continued to change and evolve to this day as I learn more and more about music and the things I love most.   For example, it took a band called Sigur Ros to reignite my love of classical music, which I rebelled against due to years of piano lessons.  So in many ways I have come full circle.  The music I started with as a 5 year old and turned my back on actually underpins many of the artists I love today such as Sigur Ros, Elbow, Olafur Arnalds, Eluvium.  And I can honestly say that one of the best shows I’ve ever been to was with my brother to see Ludovico Einaudi at the Usher Hall.  Simply stunning.  

So age isn’t such a bad thing really in my head.  I look forward to each year with anticipation and hope.  And I hope I can say “the Foo Fighters are 30 years old” in 15 years time.  Or at least “isn’t Dave Grohl such a fucking great president of the USA.”


2 thoughts on “The Foo Fighters – Fifteen Years Old This Year….WHAT?!

  1. You have to feel for Taylor Hawkins who suffers from Ringo Starr Syndrome.

    The cruel affliction where you’re not even the best drummer in the band you play drums for.

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