Guilty Pleasures


We all have them right?  For some people guilty pleasures will apply to food.  To some sexual indulgence.   To others it’s going on holidays or perhaps just spending money on luxury items when they know they really shouldn’t.   One way or another though, a guilty pleasure is something that we all indulge in from time to time.  Guilty pleasures ultimately tend to be things that we love even though they might be bad for us, frowned upon or even wrong.  But enjoy them we do, as we should.  As our old bassist Jake used to say to me, “How can something be so wrong when it feels so right?”   I recently, thanks to Milo who writes a wonderful blog called Products of a Gaseous Brain, stumbled upon a blog by Phoebe Henderson entitled Lewd Awakenings.  It’s basically a blog about her sex life.  She also writes a sex column for the Skinny, so many of you may be familiar with her work.   Though many of you may not want to admit you are familiar with her work?!  Ha!  Her site is the perfect example though of what I’m talking about.  I had a browse the other night.  She kind of lays it out there on the line.  Opens herself to the world in a way I kind of admire and respect.  And what’s more, I found myself absolutely drawn into the blog.   I can guarantee at this point that a fair number of people reading this will start to think, pervert or something along those lines.  How can you be into reading about somebody else’s sex life you weirdo??  Well for one, it’s actually a really interesting read and I would encourage you to have a gander.  And secondly, it’s so well written.  I love the openness of her words.  The willingness to lay herself out there, so to speak!  And it got me thinking about music in a completely different way as well.  Comparing good music to good sex.  But that’s a different post for a different day I think!  Anyways, her blog is my new guilty pleasure of mine for sure and I can guarantee for others too once they have a wee sneak peek at what she does.  (Tart, if you’re reading this I think you’ll like the read and love getting involved with this one! haha).  I guess the question is why does a guilty pleasure have to make you feel guilty?  Why can’t it just be enjoyable? 

Music is very like this too.  We all have our guilty pleasures.  I spoke about this in the post ‘How Uncool Am I?’ where I laid down some bands I used to like when I was younger.  But it’s things like singing along to the Kooks and loving it, even though you know you shouldn’t like them that I’m talking about!  What is it that makes us think it’s wrong though?  It’s public opinion right??  It’s the way people look at you when you tell them that you like a song or a band.  It’s the eyebrows raised when a crap tune comes on at a club and you cannot help but take to the dance floor.  It’s almost like a criminal offence in some cases!  I’m all for guilty pleasures myself.  Aren’t they what make life that little bit more special?  The moments of complete indulgence, thinking of nobody but yourself.  Obviously I’m not advocating become selfishness in any way.  In fact I find selfishness quite an ugly and unappealing thing.  However, taking a long hot bath when you should be doing something more important, enjoying a bottle of red wine on a school night, gorging yourself on chocolate or crisps, having consensual sex anyway you want with anyone you want (Jan Moir can go fuck herself!), spending 100 quid on a pair of shoes or, worse, music, going on holiday to exoctic places when you really cannot afford to.  All these things make life special and if it’s shit that we are programmed to feel bad about these things.  Who cares?  And seriously, who cares if I sing along to the Kooks now and then???  Seriously guys?  Who car………..Ok, some things are just ridiculous.  I admit it.  In my defence, when in San Francisco I did see Hot Hot Heat at Union Square and said to Pamela “there’s that cock from the Kooks”, before immediately launching into a rendition of “Always where I need to be”……………….oh fuck off the lot of you!


8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Hmm – have to say, I don’t think you are a pervert (reassuring or what?!). I think there’s been a real upsurge in people writing about sex in such an out-there way. Belle de jour and Catherine Townsend have really opened this up so that its not such a tabboo anymore -pretty sure the books they wrote on the back of their blogs were bestsellers. I know many of my friends have read them. So I guess the outstanding thing about Phoebes blog is maybe just that (1) she’s writing in Edinburgh, and (2) that although you might not know her, a friend or a friend of a friend might. So that makes it more risque.

    Anyways, give me a bag of kettle chips and I’m happy!

  2. Cheers for the mention – but the Kooks? Seriously? I have been known to dance to Simply Red though so I can’t really speak…

  3. You’re too kind :-), thanks for that. Oh and I don’t live in Edinburgh which will make men from every major city in Scotland squirm slightly and go back and check the details of my blog for clues. Maybe.

  4. How in the world did I miss this post?!? Oh… I was busy fucking, sorry :-p

    But yes, guilty pleasures is such an idiotic idea! Have an occasional splurge, but for gods sakes, don’t make it Lionel Ritchie!!!

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