Trampoline Artist Profile: Panda Su


In a new feature here at the The Steinberg Principle, I have decided that to help promote Trampoline I’m going to start writing a feature on all the artists playing each month prior to them playing.  Therefore, please sit back and enjoy the first of my profile pieces on the wonderful Panda Su.  Two more for November to follow shortly.

Panda Su is a woman crossed with a Panda.  Simple as that.  A while ago some scientists, with nothing better to do than try and cross breed animals decided to see what would happen if they took a Panda and a human and bred them.  The results are really quite fantastic.  As you can see from the picture above what was created was a rather wonderful little musician from Fife called Su.  I’m sure at the time the scientists never expected to create a woman who was so musically gifted.  Still, sometimes science just throws you these wonderful little curve balls and……wham……you have a half human, half panda, folk musician………….

……………..Of course, none of this is true.  I wish it were!  Well apart from the cross breeding part.  That’s just weird.  Actually, I take it back, there is some truth in the story above, which is that Panda Su is an exceptionally talented girl.  Her Panda powers have nothing to do with it.  Of course the story is simple:

Panda Su hails from the sunny shores of St Andrews, Fife. Su (full name Suzanne Isabel Ferreira Shaw) released her debut EP Sticks and Bricks’ in September of last year which was produced by the enigmatic Steve Mason (King Biscuit Time/Black Affair/ex-Beta Band). On stage Su is joined by South African born JaxAdam – a percussionist who specialises in the playing of toy accordions, children’s glockenspiels and an array of other hand-held instruments. Together they play “gentle, melodic, colourful songs which curl up in your head” – an acclaim which has earned them gigs alongside Frightened Rabbit, Withered Hand and a slot at the Fence Collective’s Homegame festival in Anstruther and at Hinterland in Glasgow. Last year they embarked on a 22-date tour of the USA and Canada. Panda Su’s track ‘Moviegoer’ was Track of The Month in the Scotsman newspaper for the month of April. – Tentracks.

Simples.  Right?  Wrong.  That’s a hell of a lot to achieve in such a short space of time.  The fact that Steve Mason produced her EP in the first place is something pretty special that most of us musicians would like to be able say!  She’s a real talent and Trampoline is delighted that she’ll be playing for us on Saturday 14th November.  Do make sure you come along and check her out, it will be well worth the trip and money.

Panda Su plays Trampoline on Saturday 14th November, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art.  Doors 7pm.  Entry £5 or £3 with a valid student card.


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