Don’t Blog Whilst Under The Influence Of Alcohol


Last night I went along to the Leith Tape Club at the Iso Bar to help out Alan by manning the door.  It’s a tough job.  Because the venue is so small and the reserved ticket list was so extensive, only 2 extra people were allowed in.  I’m not very good at policing these kind of things.  I always want to let people in simply cause they’ve taken time out to come and support the artists on show.  But I totally understand why Alan strictly controls numbers, cause if it gets too full in there it can be very uncomfortable.  Fortunately, there were no incidents between me and people wanting to come in and the night went off rather smoothly.  Everyone knows by now how much I enjoy the Leith Tape Club.  It’s a lovely little night and Alan has put together a number of wonderful line ups.  Sure, overall last nights line up wasn’t my favourite, but Withered Hand always makes up for everything.  Dan is just fabulous and his album is, without doubt, going to be on my top 10 list at the end of this year.  What I really love about the Tape Club is getting to see artists in a much more intimate environment where their songs are stripped bare and the bones of what makes them special are on offer.  I think Matthew over at songbytoad summed up Dan nicely when he said that what makes him so special is the honesty of his work.  Lets face it, not many artists can lay everything so openly on the table and still retain real credibility.  His lyrics are genius, and yet so genuine and honest.  How’s that possible?!

Anyways, I guess the point of this post was not meant to be Leith Tape Club or Withered Hand.  No, it was more to do with the fact that after 3 beers last night I was a little tipsy (I don’t drink much anymore, certainly not beer), went home, started trying to write a post but tiredness got the better of me and I never finished it or posted it. THANK GOD!  One, it was some of the worst English ever witnessed.  And two, it was somewhat of a rant. Actually, it was more musings about things but it came across all wrong I think!  So I am soooo glad I didn’t post it.  And a lesson has been learned.  No matter how much you think it’s a good idea to write a post when you’ve been drinking, leave the lap top alone and go to bed!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Blog Whilst Under The Influence Of Alcohol

  1. The Tape Club sounds good – shame I missed it.

    As for not blogging while drunk, the same goes for texting, tweeting, phone-calls, and cooking. I woke up with a half-eaten plate of pasta on my belly the other day.

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