Noiserv – One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness


Noiserv.  10 people paid to see his Edinburgh show the other evening.  10 people.  What a terrible, terrible shame.  A number of reasons I think for this.  Firstly, there was confusion as to who was promoting the show.  It was never billed as a Trampoline night, but because I had booked the Wee Red for the acts I think it was assumed I was promoting.  And I was not.  I am a terrible cynic but a Portugese artist that nobody here is likely to have heard of touring the UK doesn’t strike me as a show that the good music going public of Edinburgh would be interested in attending.   So I gave it a body swerve in terms of promotion.  This is something I now regret.    The simple reason for this is that David Santos, aka Noiserv, delivered a lovely performance of the kind of lo-fi folk music that had he been a native Edinburger or from this area would have been lapped up and probably ensured him a place at the Homegame festival next year.  And I guess that’s why I’m annoyed I didn’t take on the promotion of the show and push it a little more.  I knew the Kays wouldn’t bring a crowd.  We never do.  So I should have taken it on myself and pushed it on the basis that most people who attend Homegame would have loved this set.  He deserved to play to more than 10.  Everyone deserves to play to more than 10. 

Anyways, the disappointment of that aside.  I bought his debut album ‘One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness’.  This is one of the most beautifully pieced together records I’ve ever bought.  I LOVE the packaging.  As you can see from the picture, it’s a series of cards each with their own gorgeous drawing, all bound together with a metal binder.  And it comes with a little colouring pencil as well which is one of the nicest touches.  It’s simply lovely in its design and concept.  And whats more the music is a match for the packaging and art in every way.   As you’d see live, David builds his song using loops and more gadgets and toys than I’ve ever seen employed by a solo artist.  The songs tend to swell with lovely looped harmonies over the top of some lovely looped instrumentation.  One of my favourite things about this record is that the vocal sounds like a Portugese man singing in English.  There’s no fake American accent going on here.   David sings very much the way he speaks and it’s to the benefit of the music and this record in my opinion.  ‘Consolation Prize’ is absolutely gorgeous as are ‘Download’ and ‘Good Son’.  Single ‘Bullets on Parade’ is another stand out.  As for set and album closer ‘Bontempi’, what can you say.  Just great fun.  I really hope some people who read this take the time to listen to his music, buy his lovely record and next time he takes the time to come to Edinburgh I’ll promote the shit out of it and hopefully we’ll get the interest that he deserves.  Check him out here.  Buy his album here.  Enjoy.

TSP Grade = B-


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