Thank You Should Be Said More.


This Wednesday The Kays Lavelle are playing Glasgow Podcart’s 3rd Live Session with the absolutely wonderful Beerjacket.  I have to say that this has been a pretty good year for me personally and I think ultimately for the band too and this will be a pretty special way to round it all off – well, apart from the one last show in Glasgow on 6th December of course.

On a personal level, obviously, Roddy was born and has been the shining star in my life this past year.  I was never a baby person.  I always wanted my own but I was never really that interested in other people’s babies.  Life is funny that way.  How things can change so swiftly.   I absolutely adore my little boy and find myself acting more and more clownish with him as the days go by.  It actually scares me a little that he’s not that far off being a year old.  How time flies.  It’s been brilliant.  All my worst fears have not been realised.  So that’s good.  Family is so important.  And I’m lucky to have such a special one.

Anyways, I do think that we often take things for granted and that not enough thank yous are said in life to the people that matter. Therefore, I want to take time to do just that, and there are a lot of wonderful people who I think need to be thanked for all the help and support that they have offered in the past year to make 2009 so special.

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to Halina, Ally and Sean at Glasgow Podcart for their support in the past year.  I have to say that they produce one of my favourite shows and that their constant support of The Kays, Trampoline and this blog has been a little bit overwhelming at times.  Halina in particular deserves special mention for being brave enough and patient enough to take on management responsibilities for the Kays.  I think we’re both very excited about what 2010 holds for both the Podcart and the band.  We’re both dreamers I guess and both focused on what we want.  Bring on 2010.

I’d also like to thank Neil Pennycook from Meursault for all his time and effort in recording the record to date.  I have to say that without his thoughts and ideas the record would not be what it is and I am excited for it to be finished soon and released next year.  A big thank you also to Alex Fenton for taking the record on and helping us get it finished as Neil’s time became scarce and precious.  Both these guys are legends who I cannot thank enough for helping us and believing in us. 

I’d also like to thank Ali, Fraser, Nick, Phil and Sam from Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers for asking me to play piano for them during the middle part of the year.  It was an absolute blast and I’m sorry it has come to an end.  A massive thank you to you all for reminding me why I play music and helping me rediscover the passion and drive that had been missing for a while.  You guys are legends.  Guillame too!

I want to thank Matthew at Songbytoad for allowing me to contribute on a monthly basis to his excellent, and potentially award winning, blog.  When I started writing The Steinberg Principle, I did so because I love to write.  I never expected to be asked to help out when he was on holiday and I certainly was more than a little surprised when he asked me to do a monthly supplement for his blog.  It’s been a lot of fun being part of it all and I really do appreciate him letting me be a part of it.

A big shout out needs to go to Colvin at the Wee Red Bar for his constant support and encouragement with Trampoline.  Whenever I’ve been at a low about things he’s always been there to give me a bit of encouragement or a boot up the backside, so Trampoline moves forward into 2010 with a lot to look forward to.  A huge thank you on that front to Michael and Dav from the Stormy Seas and Matthew from Cancel the Astronauts without whom things would have ground to a halt.  Matthew has been a massive support in the past year and now with Michael and Dav coming onboard I think Trampoline is going to go from strength to strength in 2010.  Let’s hope so!  Along with Shonagh Massie and Philip Quirie helping with posters it feels like Trampoline is becoming a bit more of a group of like minded music fans rather than a single lone ranger struggling to make things happen each month!  I really should thank Bart of eagleowl as well because he’s the man behind the posters for Trampoline each month.  He’s been a hero on that front since the very beginning and though others are now taking on his roll – to ease his burden – I am so grateful for all the help and support he’s provided in the past 3 years.

I want to thank Rich at Gizeh records for his constant support, contacts and ideas.  I’ve been fortunate enough to become good friends with him and as well as being a massive fan of his label and his acts, I truly value his opinion on music and the advice he’s afforded me whenever I ask.

And I want to thank all the wonderful people I’ve had the chance to work with over the past year.  Russell, Chris L-M, Chris A, Scott, Mad Dog, Michael – you guys rock.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Fraser from Small Town Boredom, you are a hero.  Anna-Lynne from Trespassers William, thank you for being part of the record and keeping me positive.  Means the world. Mammoth and the gang.  Lets get some more shows sorted!  Matty CTA, time for our project to get moving I think.  Heidi and Neil.  The list goes on.

There are so many special people who have made this year a good one.  I could sit and thank people all day long but I just wanted to thank the ones who have really made a difference to my year.  All the great bands that have played Trampoline, all the people who have come along to support the Kays, all the folk willing to contribute to the Trampoline cd which I hope to release next year.  You are all great.  But more than that, I want to thank anyone who stops for a moment to read this blog.  I started it just over a year ago just because I wanted to write and I have seen it grow considerably in that time.  I appreciate anyone and everyone who spends even a little time reading this.  Thank you all.