Top 50 Albums Of The Decade. 50 To 41


Having read Paste Magazine’s top 50 albums of the past decade I decided, rather insanely I now fear, to try and compile my own list of my favourite 50 albums since the beginning of the 21st Century.  I warn you now, before the criticism starts, that this list is not made up from all records released in the last 10 years but merely from the albums I own and love.  It may miss glaringly obvious things out for many of you.  But it is what it is.  My top 50 of the past 10 years.  This, is probably my 10th attempt to put them in any kind of order.  My top 10, perhaps 20 I am comfortable with, but I kind of feel the other 30 could interchange very easily.  But I’ve tried.  Here we go.

3990-the-lost-riots[1]50.  Hope of the States – The Lost Riots: I am imagining a number of puzzled expressions on peoples faces at the moment.  But I love this album.  Their follow up album is a big piece of balls but this debut is slightly inspired.  What still gets me is that their lead singer Sam Herlihy is a dreadful singer, and I mean dreadful.  And yet it works.  The songs are great and somehow he pins it all together with his vocal.  I love it.  I always will.

the_strokes_-_is_this_it_a[1]49.  The Strokes – Is This It?: I admit, I resisted the Strokes for a good while.  I genuinely didn’t see what IT was.  But eventually I was worn down by them and if I’m totally honest, in terms of the style of their music I don’t think there’s a better record about from the past decade.  I think it comes in at about 30 minutes in length and if you ask me, for a band who rarely change the pace, that’s just about perfect.  A fantastic debut record.

my-latest-novel-deaths-and-entrances1[1]48. My Latest Novel – Deaths and Entrances: I’m sure a few more eyebrows will be raised here but I simply love this band and this record.  It’s a wee gem if you ask me and I would be struggling to leave it off the list of 50 albums which have impacted on me most in the past 10 years.  Seeing them live recently at Cab Vol confirmed to me that they are a highly under rated band who deserve more. 

In_the_aeroplane_over_the_sea_album_cover_copy[1]47. Neutral Milk Hotel – In An Aeroplane Over The Sea: If I’d come to this album earlier I think this album would have featured further up my list of records.  However, I am a late starter with Neutral Milk Hotel and though I really love this record I don’ t value it as much as some other records form the past decade.  Great stuff though.

0936248507241[1]46. Damien Rice – O: Before he became a mega star I saw Damien Rice support Counting Crows.  Nobody had a clue who he was at the time and yet he was stunningly good.  Absolutely sublime.  The next day I went and searched for, and found, and bought his debut album O.  He was a nobody, unheard of.  And the album was perfect.  I have been saddened by his shit second album.  A massive let down probably brought on by the pressure of the brilliant debut.  I hope he comes back strong on his third album.  If he ever makes another.

album-lovers[1]45. The Sleepy Jackson – Lovers: Really, I mean what’s not to love about this record?  It’s fun, it’s dark, it’s a little bit over the top at times.    Some people will know Luke Steele better for his recent project Empire of the Sun, but it really is for the Sleepy Jackson that I think he deserves to be known, and for this record in particular.

6939-hello-starling[1]44. Josh Ritter – Hello Starling: Our guitarist Graeme introduced me to this artist.  I think he went to see him support Ben and Jason on their farewell tour and he played to about 4 people.  The first time I saw him he played to  apacked King Tuts in Glasgow.  And he was brilliant.  His following records have been good, but this is where I caught on to him and this is the record I still play.  Lovely stuff.

arton798[1]43. Finn – The Best Low Priced Heartbreakers You Can Own: I found this German artist last year after he supported Olafur Arnalds in Glasgow.  One of the most beautifully haunting records I own.  Simply gorgeous.

the_white_stripes_-_elephant[1]42. The White Stripes – Elephant: I don’t think anyone can ever forget hearing Seven Nation Army for the first time.  It’s a song that defines a decade in many ways.  And this album is definitely my favourite of theirs.  I never grow tired of this one.  Probably a surprise to many that it’s not higher up the list.  But then, such is life.

milesbenjaminanthonyrobzk2[1]41. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson: I love this record.  One of my favourite of the year without a shadow of a doubt.  It’s hard to say more than that really because it is a record from 2009.  Not many of those will creep into my top list but this is one that I feel really deserves it’s place.