Don’t Ever……..

…….write anything bad about anyone ever.   It’s not worth it!   I’m a nice guy, or at least I hope I am.  I don’t need the abuse.  So I’m going to stick to writing about the things I love and hoping that the people that actually enjoy this blog keep enjoying it regardless of what people have said on a certain post…..which has now been trashed cause I really don’t need to be abused in the manner I was.

However, apologies to the phtographer who’s photo I used without asking permission or without crediting.  It did say your photography name on the pic, but I should have asked if I could use it and if I upset you on that then I’m sorry.  I’ve taken the whole thing down now.  Probably for the best.


23 thoughts on “Don’t Ever……..

  1. Not for the best.

    What you mean is you stole someones photograph, as it was ‘cool and indie’ to do so and got found out. So rather than pay a credit you sewed up your pockets and deleted the lot.

    Why exactly am I paying the ‘GLasgow college of arts’ tax when they just rip off other peoples work?

    Perhaps you just leave blogging alone altogether and just head to your chosen career behind a net curtain

  2. Or you could tell him to just fucking get over himself and stop acting like a big fucking baby.

    His name was on it, you aren’t making any money off his work, and frankly while he has every right to ask you to take it down acting like a prick about is just a bit pathetic really.

    Don’t let it bother you for a second.

  3. “as it was ‘cool and indie’ to do so”

    Hahaha, you fucking clown.

    Because yes, he made it obvious time and again that he used it because it was cool. You fucking genius, well done.

  4. Thanks Matthew, to you as a ligger, theft is fine. One day when you actually get a job and stop living off someone else you may actually understand.

    Until then, just keep sucking dummies.

    Don’t tell me I contribute to your student fees as well?

  5. jesus christ. anarchyintheuk, if you think you’re ever, ever going to get paid by a wee personal blog for using your photo, your optimism verges on delusion. Euan doesn’t make a penny out of this. Your photo doesn’t change that. Welcome to the internet ffs.

  6. Haha! This argument is brilliant!

    Yeah Matthew, go and get a job you ligger!

    Right. Alex (I’ll use your real name as your screen-name is bothering me because it’s so far out of kilter with your attitude toward the rest of the grassroots musical community), try this:

    Type ‘Ultimate Thrush’ into Google, select the Image Search option, and see which picture is returned as the very first result.

    If you really want to try and sell photos after you’ve posted them online, this might be a good idea for you, or maybe this

    Wake up, you fucking moron.

  7. A job? A job? Christ almighty, God forbid!

    I’m 34, you dick, and I’ve been in permanent full-time employment since I was 17.

    I also work my arse off providing local bands with free recording facilities, quality live videos, radio coverage and exposure to thousands of readers per day all for the princely sum total of… precisely nothing.

    See Dylan’s photos? See how much better than yours they are? Guess how much it costs bands to use them? Yes that’s right, nothing. Why? Because, like me, he has a fucking job and uses it to fund his work on behalf of artists from whose success he has almost nothing to gain.

    If you want to have a great big girly tantrum about people exploiting other people’s artistic output for their own benefit you really have chosen your targets hilariously badly.

  8. now, now, boys… it’s not nice to poke fun at those less fortunate than others, those who mislabel themselves with big words they don’t understand, and who seek to be mean to other bloggers… run along now and tend to your own web pages before you all end up slandered or mocked by some old lady on the internet xoxo 😉

  9. What is yr deal Alex? Get a grip, if you want to make a point about artistic theft, there’s much, much bigger and profitable (not “more profitable”, just profitable!) targets to get riled about.

    Instead you seem on a one-man hiding to nothing against a small-scale independent and fiercely DIY writer, whose sole purpose is to altruistically spotlight the music he loves.

    Find yourself something better to do and accept a lost and unecessary cause when you see one.

  10. Actually, this really is lots of fun. Euan may be a right divot half the time, but the idea that he is exploiting anyone, in any way at all, is just comical.

    It’s all very well to say ‘Hoi, please take that down’, and anyone here would defend your right to do so, but really, having a dig at Euan for exploiting anyone is actually pretty fucking offensive.

    He’s worked his arse off for fucking ages getting small and unsigned bands onto bills in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and quite apart from the gigs themselves, his work has directly resulted in bands getting record deals which actually allow them to make money off their music.

    He has never made a profit from his work so, you sniveling little weasel, you can fuck right off, because it will take you another ten years of your pointless existence to make even a fraction of the contribution to the artistic community in Scotland that Euan has already managed.

    He didn’t like your band. Maybe he has crap taste, so what? Maybe, just maybe, your band simply aren’t very good. It happens. Get over it. Grow a pair.

  11. Woah, there seems to be some confusion here!

    I’m the photographer whose photo was on the piece and I wrote one single comment on the blog today mentioning the fact that I wasn’t contacted beforehand…

    I didn’t ask for the photo to be removed, or for the piece to be taken down. I’m more than happy for my photos to be used for this kind of thing, BUT it would be nice to be asked beforehand.

    I never got in a strop with anyone, but people seem to be mentioning my name in some anger here…

    I’m a bit lost…

  12. So anarchyintheuk is getting all worked up and it wasn’t even his photo?

    He was just having a go about the principle of it?

    This is well fucked up..

  13. Sorry Crimson Glow, no-one here (I don’t think) is in a tantrum with you personally as much as with Monsieur Anarchy in the UK, although we may have mistakenly assumed you were the same person.

    So yes, apologies for getting you caught up in this by mistake, I just read that first comment and found it so irritating I felt compelled to tell AitUK to fuck off. Because he/she deserved it.

    Didn’t mean to include you in the abuse, that was a mistake, sorry. Your point about asking nicely beforehand is perfectly valid.

  14. Ah, it seems that some folks might think that I am anarchyintheuk…

    I’m not. My name is Alex Woodward and yes, I’m responsible for Crimson Glow Photography.

    Like I said, I’m happy for most usage of my photos for this kind of not-for-profit thing, but it is common politeness to ask first. None of my websites allow right click saving of images and I give my email address clearly, because I like to try and maintain at least a wee bit of control over how they’re used. If I had been asked I would have said yes and sent an image through…

    I didn’t greatly object to the blog piece in question and hadn’t even seen it until this evening.

    I can assure you that I’m a nice guy. I look out for and support local bands and labels. I do not have a big ego about my photography, I just ask for courtesy and respect from others.

    Please do not confuse me with the inflammatory remarks that have been doing the rounds here.

    All the best


  15. Phew, glad folks are reading this.

    All is looking better.

    If you see me down at the front at a gig (usually with a big old courier bag of photo gear and various cycling accoutrements) or if you ever pop into Avalanche where I work full-time trying to desperately maintain the coal-face of indie music retail, then please do say hi!

    Local band’s releases are most welcome and supported by the way, on very favourable terms!

  16. Alex – I apologised earlier and apologise again for using your pic without permission. As Dylan said, all I did was google image the name Ultimate Thrush. It’s what I do for all my posts and I could not run a blog with pics if I asked for permission from every single photographer simply cause I’d never track them all down. Apologies if I caused offense. My friend is a photographer and I know how important getting credit for her work is to her and I’d always ask to use her work. I’ve also blogged about her work, so you see, if I know you I will promote you for sure. I saw your name on the picture but had no idea you were local – my bad, I’m sorry. I hope I caused no offence. I just thought it was a great picture. Anyways, thanks for clearing it all up. I did mean to say it wasn’t you who was being rude. And also, the post in question was viewed a LOT yesterday so hopefully your work got a little exposure from this farce.

    As for the rest of you. Matthew, Dylan, Rob. Thanks for the kind words. I actually wrote a massive response to the man in question last night before I went to bed, but I was so angry and upset that it probably would have got me into trouble. I think you guys managed quite nicely without me though!

    And Matthew – what do you mean “can be a divot?” Surely it should read “is a divot.” But for the record, the feelings mutual. 😉

  17. Chutters, you and Euan have both been photos of mine on your Facebook pages for ages.

    I’ve been keeping track of it and will be presenting an invoice for outstanding royalties in due course.

    Thank you very much.

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