Glasgow Podcart FTW

I know I’ve bigged them up before, but I am going to have to big these guys up again, and again, and again.  Personally, I think they deserve a knighthood for their work. (Actually, Bart from eagleowl said that but I’m stealing it as my own view, cause it’s spot on!)  Anyways, those guys have shown more support to the Kays Lavelle in the past 3 or 4 months than anyone else has in the past 3 years.  It actually scares me slightly that it will be 4 years next year since we released anything proper.  I am determined that the album will be out in the early part of 2010 and that my solo ep, tentatively titled “Mermorials” will be ready to go around the same time.   But I digress, this post is simple really.  Glasgow Podcart played us again this week.  What made it even more special was that there special guest on the show was Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai.  Whether he liked us or not he heard us and that made me night.  I think this is the second time the guys have played us on their show and they also always big up Trampoline and of course this blog also, which is really, really nice of them and very much appreciated.  And to top it all, last night they had us along to the 13th Note to play a live session with the wonderful Beerjacket

I don’t need to say anything more about Peter.  He’s brilliant.  And he’s a lovely guy as well.  His set was great.  And we played as well as we have as a band for a long time.  Loved every second of it.  It was all recorded as well, and filmed too, so you should be able to witness or hear me start talking about my mum’s sex life.  Not my finest hour I must say, though it wasn’t intentional and it did kind of spiral out of my control a little.  I’m honestly not sure why I’m given a microphone at gigs!  At Tuts I once started talking about Graeme and his kids….I was meaning the school kids he teaches, but as I obvliviously rambled on the rest of the room started sniggering away to themselves.  So yeah, it’s maybe best if I just shut up in future and just concentrate on the music!

So thank you Halina, Sean, Ally, Nicola and Louise….that’s everyone right?  Sweet.  You guys do such a wonderful job of promoting Scottish music and you deserve all the success you are getting.  If you read this blog and you’ve never heard the podcart, have a gander here.  Trust me, you cannot fail to be impressed by these guys.  Enjoy.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who came along and made last night so good.  We had a blast.  We’re back in Glasgow on 6th December playing the 13th Note.  Going to be great.  Do come along.


6 thoughts on “Glasgow Podcart FTW

  1. Thank you so much. When that happens you know it’s a good song. 🙂 Lovely thing to say. Nice to finally meet the voices. Can I just say, what a distinctive voice Sean has, really instantly recognisable from the show….

  2. You are actually playing The captain’s Rest on the 6th of December mate!!! It was fantastic having you play for us last night, hopefully the recording will do you justice. Fantastic night, thanks again for coming along.

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