Dundee United – Pay Attention!

Enough said.  I’d love to see some Dundee United apparell in a similar veign.  Dundee United, please pay attention!

but Katy Perry’s hot.  Did I ever mention I have collection of Katy Perry guitar picks??  She’s not a good musician, but hot, so here’s something else just for the sake of it:

and just incase we forget she’s a musician:


19 thoughts on “Dundee United – Pay Attention!

  1. So that’s what Katie Perry looks like?

    I can see what the fuss is all about now.

    I’m sure she’s a wonderful musician, too. She looks like she would be.

  2. tsk, tsk, and here I thought you were into women! only to find that it’s still schoolgirls you lot chase after :-p

    I’m not dignifying the “musician” remarks with a comment.


  3. Oh don’t worry. If you had forgotten, you could always tune into the live session when it goes up on the website and remind yourself! Only one thing worse than embarrassing chat and that’s embarrassing chat recorded for the radio. Once Katy joins the Kays I’ll just let her do all the talking.

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