Write It And Then Delete It

You know what.  Loads of things piss me off.  I am regularly tempted to vent all my frustrations on this blog.   The rage that I sometimes feel about an idiotic customer, something insane I read in a magazine or online, or even just humans in general is very real.  And I want to write about it sometimes.  But I don’t like writing in that manner.  I like to write about things I love.  Things that inspire me.  Things that fill my life with happiness.  Not things that make me angry, frustrated or just worn out.  So I’ve developed a method of dealing with it.  Basically, I write the post down, get it all out of my system, leave it for a bit and then delete it.  It’s a great way of exorcising the demons before they get me into trouble and I’d recommend it to anyone who is tempted to write something hasty on their blog.  It’s a dangerous thing.  Perhaps I should have taken more time to reflect on the Ultimate Thrush post that got me into so much trouble rather than just posting it?  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that when I write something now, I live with it for a while before it’s published.  Getting the words down on paper though helps immensely.  It really does.  So from now on there will no hasty posts.  However, I am not ruling the possibility out that when I do write something down in a rage and live with it for a while that I won’t post it.  If it makes sense, if it’s important, I’ll post it.  But today’s rant is firmly in the trash!


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