eagleowl – Sleep The Winter

I love eagleowl.  I really do.  ‘For The Thoughts You Never Had’ was a beautiful piece of slow core which sparkled like a little diamond in the dark.  We’ve waited a long time for a follow up.  I think the expectation would probably have been an album (which I think  may still be in the offing).  Instead though, we are presented with a 7″ single entitled ‘Sleep The Winter’.  It doesn’t get more gorgeous than this either.  It’s dark and brooding with haunting strings, as you would expect from eagleowl.  The hushed, cracked vocals of Bart Owl are complimented as beautifully as ever by the sweet tones of Clarissa Cheong.  The double bass and violin play off each other wonderfully to add to the gorgeous dark electric guitar.  Then all of a sudden the song is flooded with warmth, as the chorus kicks in.  I say chorus loosely ofcourse as eagleowl are too subtle to have an obvious chorus, for me it’s just an uplifiting of mood and spirit.  It’s a gorgeous little change.  And it’s a goregous little song.  A wonderful release for this time of year.  Lets be honest, once you hear it, you know I was never going to do anything but love this song.  Please check out eagleowl.  The ‘Sleep the Winter’ release show takes place at the Bowery, Edinburgh on December 11th.  Do go along.  Enjoy.

Ps. the picture is art from the poster by Ola Rek……see, I can do it.