Trampoline Artist Profile: Lady North

Following on from the Jill Leighton profile we have another band lined up to play Trampoline on 12th December.  They are really newbies on the Edinburgh music scene, but I think they will become very popular, very quickly.  I present Lady North.

Lady North are pretty new arrivals on the Edinburgh music scene.  The Kays recently played with these guys when we supported Vessels.  It was their first gig.  I was simply blown away.  Sounding like a Scottish version of Battles, these guys just let rip from the word go and watching them perform was a really captivating experience from start to finish.  The band is made up of 2 members of Dupec on bass and drums and a guy known only as ‘Rogue’ on guitar.  It is instrumental music.  Mental being a good word to describe it!  It really is incredible to witness live.  When I spoke to ‘Rogue’ after the show I specifically asked how he comes up with the tunes.  His answer….”i just write the noises and sounds in my head”……that must be some head he’s got going on there.  It’s brilliant!!  There’s not much more I can say about these guys at this point in time.  Just make sure you get along to check out this exciting bunch.  In  the meantime, check them out here.  Enjoy.

Trampoline Artist Profile: Jill Leighton


Ok, so it’s build up time for Trampoline on Saturday 12th December.  As with every month from now on, the Steinberg Principle will be doing a profile on each artist down to play Trampoline each month.  First up for the December show is Glasgow’s very own Jill Leighton.  This is not an opportunity for me to ramble on and on about an artist, but a brief introduction to them.  The onus really is on you lot to take the opportunity to explore them more and see how diverse and eclectic a line up we have put together on the 12th December.  I for one cannot wait.  Here we go.

Jill Leighton’s pedigree is there for all to see.  Having spent time in the United States singing with such people as Ryan Adams backing band The Cardinals among others, she is an obvious talent.   Upon hearing her country tinged tunes, you’d be forgiven for wondering if she’s really from Glasgow, but then the same could be said about local favourites Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers.  However, similar to those raggamuffins, there is a distinctive Scottishness to Jill’s bluesy, folksy songs, which I really can’t wait to see in a live setting.  Perhaps, it’s not the kind of music that we’re used to or expect here in Edinburgh, or indeed Scotland.  Perhaps, it is more suited for the US of A? Or perhaps we need to accept that good country music, with an American tinge can, and does, come out of Scotland.   Anyways, there’s a lovely feel to the music that actually, as I listen to it again tonight, makes me glad I’m inside on this wet and windy evening.  It’s homely.  And comforting.  And perfect for this time of year.   Blessed with a gorgeous voice and songs to match hopefully 2010 will be a big year for her whether that is on our shores or further afield.  Another find thanks to the guys at Glasgow Podcart,  Jill will be opening the Trampoline All Day Event on the 12th December.  Loaded with a whole bag of new tunes, so I am lead to believe, she is the perfect opening act for a day I hope is going to be magic.  Keep an eye out for her work here and come along on 12th to get the live experience.