Calling All Knitters!

Well check this out. I was sitting talking to Halina’s (Glasgow Podcart) friend Alex earlier tonight.  She’s over from Canada and was part of the Kays recording party on Sunday.  Anyways, she knitted Halina a scarf and was going on about how good a knitter she was.  As most people know, I have a slight penchant for wooly hats.  As such, I decided to suggest to her that she knit me a wooly hat and send it over to me.  She can make pompoms too, so that’s that sorted.  But I suggest a twist.  I suggested that she knit me a wooly hat in the design of her national flag.  So basically a Canadian wooly hat.  When discussing this with Halina tonight, I commented that I should ask people to knit and send me wooly hats with their national flags on them to wear on stage.  I tend to wear my wooly hats on stage you see.  We were joking about how much fun it would be to start a campaign to get people to send me hats from their countries.  So here it is.  Let the games begin.  And I’m being seirous.  If you can knit and if you’re up for it please do knit me a wooly hat in your countries colours and I will wear them on stage when The Kays Lavelle play.  I mean that.  Bit of fun really.  But what the hell.  It’s the end of the year and I need some winter woolies!  Not sure how to get them from people though as I don’t really want to give out my address on the web.  So drop me a line if you’re game and I’ll let you know privately where to send your efforts!


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