Trampoline Artist Profile: Esperi


Chris Lee-Marr is officially a legend.  Yes, I am biased cause in his spare time he’s The Kays Lavelle’s drummer.  However, he really is only our drummer in his spare time because his full time gig and passion in life is as a solo artist going by the name Esperi.  It’s under this guise that Chris reveals himself not only as a really talented drummer but as a highly talented guitar player and songwriter.  And contrary to what the list had to say, his songs are far from ‘ropey’.  I don’t want to rant about that review, cause it would make me sound bitter.  And I’m not.  The writer has to the right to like or dislikes Chris’ music.  But her comment about loop pedals was bordering on the ridiculous. 

Anyways, in my honest opinion, Chris is a great musician. His quiet hushed tones are just so relaxing.  His guitar playing mesmerising.  When he does use his loop pedal, and I believe that he does this only once in his set, he creates a soundscape so captivating and engaging that it’s hard not to get lost in the beauty.  Sure, it takes a while to build to it’s climax but watching him trying to find all his instruments and percussion is amusing in itself.  He is engaging both through his music and his enthusiastic personality, which never fails to come across in the live setting.  The boy may be just about the worst driver I’ve ever had to share a car/van with, but he is a really talented musician who will hopefully go on to bigger things next year………………with the Kays Lavelle.  HAHA.  Na, either would do if I’m honest, but from a completely selfish point of view, I’d hate to lose such brilliant musicianship that he brings to the Kays.  Please check him out here.  And come along and see him on 12th December at the Wee Red Bar.  You will not be disappointed.  Just don’t get in his van if he offers you a lift home, and if you do, make sure you close your eyes when he’s driving!

Esperi play the Wee Red Bar for Trampoline on Saturday 12th December.  Doors 2pm.


2 thoughts on “Trampoline Artist Profile: Esperi

  1. Don’t think I’ve read that review, which is probably just as well. From the sounds of it it would send me off into a ranty rage.
    I wasn’t very faniliar with the esperi stuff until I decided to profile everyone playing at Glasgow Podcart’s gig back at the start of December, and pretty much fell in love as soon as I started listening.
    He also happens to be a really nice bloke. It’s always pleasing when someone you enjoy isn’t a complete arse.

  2. Na, I think everyon has the right to their own opinion on music. If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. However, I thought there were some really poorly thought out comments in the review which really made the author look a bit silly. Which I’m sure she’s not.

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