Tragic Exclusion From Top 50 List

Massive, massive error on my part in my top 50 list of the decade.  Missing completely from the list, and tragically as it would unquestionably be in my top 5 albums of the past 10 years is 100 Broken Windows by Idlewild.  You see, I thought it was a 1999 release, but I was out by a year.  It was released in 2000.  Of course it would be in my top 50.  It would be in my top 10 and probably my top 5.  It’s one of my all time favourite records and means more to me than most records I own for very personal reasons.  So I apologise to Idlewild and to everyone who has been reading my top 50, cause it should be in there.  What a howling mistake!!  Shame on me


5 thoughts on “Tragic Exclusion From Top 50 List

  1. It’s my friend, Matt, on the front cover.

    That is all.

    No it isn’t; this album is brilliant. It’s the last Idlewild album I really loved.

  2. I’ve been listening to it this morning to double check, so don’t think that I’m saying this just to be controversial. I appreciate that I’m in the minority on this one, and that your emotional relationship to this album is significant to it’s inclusion here.


    Granted, A Little Discourage is a tune, but it’s all downhil from there. And that reverse cymbal reverb bullshit after the first chorus is terrible. And every fucking song starts the same – Guitar riff intro, full band come in. Guitar riff intro, full band come in. Guitar riff intro, full band come in. IT DOESN’T WORK IF YOU DO ON EVERY SONG.

    Sorry. This has been a long time coming. I feel better now.


  3. I agree with Bart to an extent with regards to the dynamics of each song. I listened to the album at work today and I fucking loved it, though. The tunes are undoubtedly there and I feel this is the last we heard from Idlewild where they combined their delicate nous with a big sense of noise rock added in and I think this album is the pinnacle of their output.

    “Mistake Pageant” was always a big favourite of mine back in the day, and it was no different today. A good mix of REM and Nirvana.

    Sometimes I love corporate rock music (did I just say that?).

  4. See, I might agree with Bart about the dynamics of each song a little. But you could pull apart a lot of recent albums in such a manner. The songs are great for me.

    I think Bart may have been in melt down when he described it as “Piece of Shit” though. Lets face it, any way you look at it, it’s not a piece of shit.

    And I personally love it.

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