A Sucker For Box Sets

I have to say this right at the off.  I really don’t watch much tv.  I never have.  Even when I was younger, the only thing I really watched on a regular basis was the football.  I don’t know, I just found it more rewarding to be listening to music, writing, playing sport.  Whatever.  I just found many more ways to keep myself occupied than watching tv.  I am still like that if I’m honest.  I don’t watch a huge amount of tele.  I’d much rather be writing, playing the piano, listening to music or reading.  I’m no slave to tv and I really despise the shite that they put on these days like X Factor, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Big Brother to name but a few.

However, in the last 4 or 5 years I have become absolutely addicted to boxsets.  It started with the first series of 24 when I was still living in Dundee.  Me and the wife got a shot of the boxset and spent hours on end lying on my bed watching episodes.  It became an addiction.  No doubt about it.  Not having to wait a week to see what happened next was the best thing in the world.  You would finish one episode and start another without hesitation.  It became a ritual in many ways.  Sundays were set aside to do nothing apart from recover from hangovers and just chill with series 1 of 24!  However, though this was the taster, my real obsession with box sets didn’t begin until Pamela bought me series 1 of the Soprano’s on dvd one Christmas.  That was me finished.  My life of never watching tv shows was officially over.  I may have been way behind, but I was about to make up for it all big time.  6 series came and went in no time at all.  And my obsession got worse.  The Shield was next.  Then the Wire.  Then Band of Brothers.  Then Madmen.  Prison Break.  You name it, I’ve watched it now and obsessively.  I became addicted.  I watch episode after episode and let hour after hour of my life just drift away.  But you know what?  I love it.  I really do.  The Shield, The Wire and Sopranos inparticular are some of the best television shows ever created.  Most people will know the latter 2 shows best, but the Shield would probably go down as my favourite.  Not that there really needs to be favourites when it comes to these shows.  I just love the whole idea of lying on my couch and watching one of them for hours on end.  One of the first nights Roddy was home after being born, I was up with him at 2am until 6am.  He slept in my arms.   I started rewatching series 1 of the Sopranos.  It was without doubt my favourite 4 hours of 2o09.  Me, my newly born son and Tony Soprano.  Not much can beat that now can it?


7 thoughts on “A Sucker For Box Sets

  1. The Sopranos and The Wire are obviously excellent, but it’s nice to see some love for The Shield too!
    DVDs have pretty much ruined telly for me. I just can’t be bothered watching something for an hour a week or whatever when I can wait a while and batter into it in one go thanks to a shiny box set.

  2. Well I didn’t watch much tv in the first place, but these shows are SO addictive. Like you say, being able to sit down and batter into a box set in one sitting feels far more rewarding.

    Series 7 of the Shield, the final series, was just amazing.

  3. i havent watched the shield yet ill put it on the list. im currently working through battlestar galactica which for me is up there with the wire and the sopranos. even if your not a sci-fi fan you will love it! highly recommend it.

  4. nice. i never liked the original. my bro and dad were big sci-fi fans and i didn’t get much of what they watched. but always up for recommendations so will check it out. you HAVE to watch the shield. it’s simply brilliant.

  5. I’m also a HUGE Sopranos and Wire fan. Mad Men is pretty damn fine too. I’ve been waiting on getting the Shield from LoveFilm forever so I might have to give up and buy it!

    Box sets are definitely the best way to watch decent TV series, though I’ve got the Virgin equivalent of Sky + so I can record what little decent stuff there is on telly and fast forward through the ads – bliss.

  6. If buying The Shield on DVD be careful, the UK DVD release of season 5 had it’s double length final episode butchered down to regular length by someone who seemingly just randomly trimmed time. If you can, get hold of the US version. Might not be noticable if you’ve not seen the show before, but it annoyed the heck out of me!

  7. Milo – You really should get the Shield. It’s a close run thing between the Soprano’s, the Wire and the Shield as to which is my favourite. As final series go though, series 7 of the Shield is pretty brutal.

    Jim – I did not know that. I will have to check that out again. Sure it would have bothered me at the time if I’d noticed.

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