Deertick and The Stormy Seas @ Sneaky Pete’s, December 4th 2009

There’s something great when you go to a gig knowing the work of the headline act and eager with anticipation about seeing them perform in a live setting.  Deertick’s album ‘Born On Flag Day’ is one of my favourite’s this year.  It’s good time rock n’roll with a rawkous americana slant and it’s just really, really good.  Knowing the music of the Stormy Seas also, I was fully expecting a night of high energy, high tempo music and just good times.  And I was not disappointed in anyway whatsoever. 

The Stormy Seas are Edinburgh’s criminally overlooked exporters of fierce Scottish folk music.  They started the set with more aggression and ferocity than I have seen from them before.  They seemed to be on a mission to make people pay attention.  Playing with a band like Deertick’s a pretty great opportunity to be heard and these guys never fail to take the opportunity to make sure people hear and enjoy their music.  A perfect support for Deertick, their music evokes thoughts of the harshest of  Scottish winter nights. But there’s a real warmth that underpins there music and makes me think that no matter how hard the storm blows the fire at home is waiting with a nice glass of honey mead!  ‘Slow Dance’ gets me every time I hear it.  What a wonderful song.  And the set is full of them.  I even purchased their demo/ep…..what is it guys?…….and am very much looking forward to listening to it today.  I’ve seen them 3 or 4 times now and have never failed to enjoy their set.  Last night was them at their best.  Really tight, really ferocious and really good.

Deertick.  Well, lead singer John Joseph McCauley III saunters onto stage wearing a wooly hat emblazoned with the playboy bunny and a pair of white sunglasses.  This is not an image that was in my head before I went along last night.  The checked shirt brings back some connection to the music I’m listening to, but when speaking to him later on in the evening he shows me his diamond encrusted playboy watch.  He is also apparently sponsored by the sunglasses firm so has to wear these things on stage?!  He’s a pretty odd character, but totally engaging from the very first moment to the very last as Deertick batter through an impressive set of uptempo rock n’roll.  ‘Smith Hill’ is a highlight of the album for me and stands out live also.  ‘Easy’ is another highlight of the set along with the brilliant rock of ‘Straight Into The Storm’.   And then it was all over.   A bit too soon if I’m honest.  I was so caught up enjoying the music that the time just disappeared.  But then I suppose that’s what a good gig does right?  You get so caught up in the music that you lose track of time.  You become captured in your own little bubble.  Nothing matters but whats happening on stage.  The world stops outside that little musical bubble.  I’ve not had that feeling in a long time.   So a big thank you to Deertick for helping me refind that wonderful feeling.  I really feel sorry for people who missed this show.  Really, really great and left me with a smile on my face for the rest of the night.  If you are in Glasgow go and catch them tonight at the Captain’s Rest.  It’s worth every penny.

Check out the Stormy Seas here.  And Deertick here.  Oh and if you do go and check out Deertick, make sure you read their biography.  It’s one of the best bio’s I’ve ever read. 

Also, I just don’t get the people that don’t like Sneaky Pete’s as a venue.  I think Nick runs it brilliantly, has a top sound engineer and I’m yet to witness a bad show there.  Maybe I like stinky little dives?  I dunno.  There’s just something I really like about it.


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