Trampoline Artist Profile: Jonnie Common


What more can I say about Jonnie Common that the picture above doesn’t already tell us?  Well, apart from enjoying sticking pretzels in his eyes, Jonnie is also a seriously talented musician.  He’s the man behind one of Scotland’s finest, and sadly defunct, acts Down The Tiny Steps.  He’s remixed work by many well known artists including James Yorkston, which our guitarist Graeme assures me is the most brilliant remix imagineable.  And he’s worked with many great Scottish musicians, regularly playing the annual Fence Homegame Festival.  He’s also a member of the exceptional Inspector Tapehead, who are a big favourite of mine.   Anyways, for a while now Jonnie has been writing and performing music on his own, without the other members of Down The Tiny Steps, including a brilliant show during the Edinburgh Festival at Trampoline.  I have the recordings.  It was really brilliant.  He is a talented, talented man.  Far too talented I would suggest.  Electronic madness and a plethora of toys will be on show but you can guarantee two things about his performance on the 12th; it will be a lot of fun and it will be really fucking brilliant.  Don’t miss it.  And in the meantime, check him out here.  Enjoy.

Jonnie Common plays Trampoline’s all day event on Saturday 12th December at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art.  Doors at 2pm.


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